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15 Undervalued Job Search Tools

Popular job search sites, such as LinkedIn, Indeed.com, Monster and CareerBuilder comfortable and offer a large selection of vacancies. But they are known to all applicants, which creates a high level of competition. Therefore, to find the perfect job, you should turn to less popular tools, such an approach may be more effective.

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We have compiled a list of such resources based on the advice of the publication Cheat sheet.

1. Wayup

This is a job search site for students, graduates and novice professionals who do not have experience and connections in the field in which they want to work. The company is also managed by young professionals. To the head Wayup - 26 years. One of the missions of this company is to ensure that representatives of all genders, races, ethnic and social groups find work.

2. Twitter

This social network can be used for job search. To do this, tell in your profile about your professional qualities and skills, and also supplement it with a link to your page in LinkedIn. In addition, the profile photo should also correspond to the goal - no seals or landscapes. It should depict you and look at the same time according to your profession.

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After that, subscribe to the posts of those companies and their leaders where you would like to work. Retweet their comments by adding your comments. Some companies post job openings in Twittertherefore, it will help you keep your finger on the pulse.

3. Facebook Jobs

Companies have long used this social network to disseminate information about vacancies, but Facebook only in 2017, he created a special tool where an employer can post a vacancy, and the applicant can send a resume to the position he is interested in.

4. Flexjobs

According to Global Workplace Analytics, 2 of 3 job seekers would like to work from home. Flexjobs created for such people.

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The site filters out ads, checks employers, leaving only real job offers for freelancers or people who want to work part-time from home. Since the filtering of offers is manual, applicants will need to pay a fee for using the site ($ 14,95 per month or $ 49,95 per year). As of the end of September, the site had more than 30 thousand vacancies in 55 different categories.

5. Craigslist

On this site you can find everything, including work. But many refuse to use it for employment, believing that there are many scammers and false ads. In fact, real companies use this site to search for employees, although it is really worth being very careful here.

The regional nature of the site and the low prices for the publication of advertising provide an opportunity to find work in small companies in your city that rarely publish their vacancies on large portals. Also, sent by you via Craigslist A resume will go straight to someone’s specific mailbox, and not to the company's general e-mail address, where it can easily be lost.

6. Comparably

This site allows job seekers to express their interest in the companies in which they want to work, without waiting for a vacancy to appear on employment portals. If the employer of your dreams has a suitable vacancy for you, they will contact you. Using this site, you can also familiarize yourself with salary data in your city in order to understand how much you should evaluate your professional services.

7. Niche job search sites

According to SmartRecruiter, More than 62% of new vacancies are placed on niche job search sites. These sites are intended for job seekers in a particular industry, such as of technologies, mass media or health care. Jobs on such sites usually attract fewer candidates than those posted on general job search sites. Therefore, responding to such an announcement, it will be easier for you to attract the attention of the employer.

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8. Charlie

This is a mobile application that promises to help the applicant to make an excellent impression on the employer and prepare for an interview. As soon as you add a meeting with a person to your calendar, the application will check thousands of sources and collect files - information about the interviewer and the company. Among other things, there will be data from their social profiles, references in the media, articles they wrote, and much more. You will receive the collected report before the start of your meeting in order to be able to prepare well.

9. University Career Centers

Most likely, you visited the career center at your university when you were a student, but forgot about it after graduation. And this is completely in vain, because there you can find good options for mid-level professionals who are no longer newcomers.

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Some universities specifically collect information about job fairs and organizations that are interested in working with their graduates.

10. Jobr

This is a kind of dating site for job search. The application offers you a list of vacancies. All that is required of you is to leave those that you are not interested in in the left column and move to the right positions in which you would like to work. If the employment manager of the company you are interested in also appreciates your candidacy, you will go to chat or mail.

11. Enhanccv

This is a tool that will improve your resume, highlight your knowledge and skills and draw the attention of employers to them. After analyzing your resume, the program can offer you several options for changes. The cost of using this tool is $ 4,99 a month.

12. Google Alerts

You can set up an alert to receive news about companies that interest you, as well as industry news in which you would like to work, or vacancies in your city. But the most useful way to use alerts Google - monitor your online presence. Set up alerts for your name, and you will know when something about you is published online - both positive and negative. This will help you see yourself through the eyes of a recruiter. In addition, in some cases, you can correct the negative impact of a publication by learning about it in time.

13. JibberJobber

One of the most difficult tasks in the job search process is the need to keep everything in memory. After all, loss of a telephone number, submission of a resume for the same job 2 times or a missed letter can destroy a positive impression of a potential employer about you.

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Program JibberJobber solves this problem by telling you about all the meetings, all the letters (even gratefully) that should be sent, as well as tracking all your applications for vacancies and negotiations on them.

14. rake

This is another tool that will help you organize your job search process. This application will track the data on vacancies for which you have already sent a resume, as well as add new ones that may interest you.

15. JobScan

Job scoring systems are the curse of most job seekers. The system takes the information that you specify in the application or in your resume, looks at it by keywords, and then either moves you further in the process of selecting employees, or (and this is more likely) decides that you are not worth it to spend on you company time.

JobScan help you defeat this robot. The program will help you write a resume that is very likely to go through a harsh selection process for candidates in the automatic system.

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