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15 places of the world where you can spend the night for free while traveling

Traveling the world is expensive, so it’s great when you can find free accommodation. If you want to spend the night in a luxury hotel, there are several ways to do it for free, writes Travel And Leisure.

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Here are 15 places around the world that offer free accommodation.

  1. Shakespeare and Company (Shakespeare and Company)

Shakespeare and Company is a historic bookstore in Paris, with its first opening in 1951 inviting writers to settle under its shelter.

According to the rules of the store, writers who decide to stay there can sleep on beds hidden between bookshelves, or in an apartment with books upstairs. In exchange, guests help for several hours a day at the bookstore and leave their own autobiography as a keepsake.

  1. Ace Hotel in New York

At Ace Hotel in New York, creative minds can stay for free in two ways.

Thanks to the Artist in the Apartments program, creative people are invited to stay at the hotel on Sunday evening in exchange for creating a work of art for the hotel. To create a unique environment in which you can contribute, the hotel collaborates with institutions such as the Museum of Art and Design, Tomorrow Lab, Printed Matter and Flux Factory.

The hotel has a residence for writers, it is called "Dear Reader." The hotel gives writers an overnight stay for composing an open letter for guests, which is laid by the bed in each room.

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  1. Les refuges periurbain (Suburban Shelters), Bordeaux (France)

These are eight suburban shelters where travelers can stay for free. The shelters do not have water, electricity or heat, but they are close to attractions such as rivers, ancient castles and places where you can watch the stars. Shelters are built in the form of unique buildings, each of which looks completely different - from a charming owl to a giant snail sitting on the water.

You can reserve a room onlineShelters are open annually from March 1 to November 30.

  1. Swatch Art Peace hotel, Shanghai

This place, dedicated to artists, invites not only famous, but also little-known artists from around the world to participate in the free stay program.

Artists can meet with fellow artists and find time to work with their projects. You can stay at the hotel for a period of three to six months. Artists stay in hotel apartments on the second and third floors for free, and also receive free breakfasts.

All settlers are asked to leave as a souvenir of their stay here one of their works, which the hotel will be able to exhibit in its virtual museum.

  1. Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park (Klondike National Historical Park)), Alaska

The US National Park Service offers over 50 different programs that allow artists to stay in wildlife reserves and parks for free.

Various artists are invited - from photographers to composers, filmmakers, writers and others.

For example, in the Klondike National Historical Park, representatives of bohemians who choose a hike along the entire length of the Chilhut trail (and it lasts 2 weeks) spend from one to three days at each campsite for free.

  1. Bed and Breakfast in Barter Week, Italy

Over the past decade, Italy has been inviting travelers to stay overnight at thousands of charming hotels, followed by breakfast in exchange for goods and services.

Barter week takes place at the end of November. It will allow you to look at each of the hotels registered in the program to see what services they would like to receive in exchange for hospitality. Some do not put forward specific requirements - they are open to all types of barter. Others may ask for anything: from knitting skills to blogging about food, the ability to make illustrations or comics.

Guests submit applications to hotels, and once the offer is accepted, they can pack their bags and get to places of residence everywhere - from Sicily and Tuscany to Sardinia and Umbria.

  1. The Vagabond Club (Club "Tramp"), Singapore

Another paradise for artists is the Tramp Club in Singapore.

This is the first hotel in Singapore to offer a program to host artists.

You can apply for a stay of up to two weeks, and anyone can apply for it - from writers and poets to musicians. Residents there are encouraged to communicate with each other and even hold performances in the hotel restaurant. Artists are also asked to keep one of their works in mind.

  1. Carlton Arms Hotel, New York

The Art-in-Residence program at this hotel began its work in the early 1980s, as a result of which you can admire works of art in many of its corridors.

In addition to receiving all the materials necessary for their project, artists can get a free hotel room for the time they need to complete the project. You can place your work of art near celebrities such as Banksy, who also donated works by Carlton Arms Hotel.

  1. The Appalachian Trail (Appalachian trail), USA

The Appalachian Trail is the longest in the world.

The 2-mile (190-km) highway spans 3 states, from Georgia to Maine. It includes more than 524 shelters for living, in which you can live for free. Shelters, as a rule, are located at a distance of about five miles (14 km) from each other and can be of various designs. Some look like tiny houses, while others look like tents, and some buildings have their own history.

Before going to shelters, better check availability, as some of them take payment for accommodation.

  1. Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshoe, Michigan

A national program for artists in the area allows American writers, composers, artists and photographers to apply and enjoy a three-week stay, as well as the opportunity to use the lake shore for artistic inspiration.

You can choose a free park house located nearby, or stay in one of the campsites. Artists will be invited to donate the original work to the park and share their knowledge with people during their last week at the campsite through a seminar, demonstration, or open reading.

  1. Marriott Marsquis Doha, Doha (Qatar)

Marriott Marsquis Doha is one of several partner hotels in Qatar Airlines that offers its passengers the opportunity to spend a free night in the capital.

The program allows travelers to make a stop during the flight, having the opportunity to enjoy two cities for the price of one. The airline’s free offer is available to two adults and a child under the age of eleven.

Several other airlines also offer stopover programs that allow you to spend the night at a discounted hotel.

  1. Glacier National Park, Montana

Those participating in the program for artists in this park will be housed in a historic house on the shores of Lake MacDonald, which has a fully equipped kitchen, bath, bedroom and studio with lake views.

The program allows you to explore the landscape for four weeks and participate in three public programs, which can range from lectures and demonstrations to film screenings and even guided walks.

  1. Sunrock Backpackers, Corfu (Greece)

A tourist hostel located on Pelekas Beach in Corfu (Greece) offers a program that allows travelers to spend one month at the hotel while working daily in exchange for free food and accommodation.

Responsibilities typically range from welcoming guests to housekeeping, working at a bar, and helping with cooking, but in return you get access to the crystal clear water and all the charm that Greece has to offer.

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  1. Mountaineering Club of Alaska (Climbing club Alaska), Alaska

If you are a member of the Alaska Climbing Club, you can stay in tourist houses for free. The huts scattered in the Chugach and Talkitna mountains are located at different heights to accommodate people at the stages of their hikes or ascents to the mountains. Apartments such as the Mint Hut can accommodate up to eight people at a time. It offers a picturesque view.

The club itself collects an annual membership fee of $ 20 per person or $ 25 per family. Club members can take advantage of these huts while exploring Alaska's magnificent natural surroundings.

  1. UXUA Casa Hotel and Spa, Trancoso (Brazil)

UXUA Casa Hotel and Spa is a historic property, parts of which are already 500 years old from the date of construction. The property is located in the Brazilian area of ​​Trancoso.

According to hotel representatives, this area has become a haven for artists who fled from major cities in Brazil in the 1970s. This spirit is maintained today through a program for artists who can count on staying at a hotel from two weeks to one month for free in exchange for making a work of art using local materials. For this, you will spend your days surrounded by first-class beaches and lush rainforests.

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