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15 US cities where the economy grows and wages

Real estate in the United States is constantly becoming more expensive, and salaries do not always keep pace with housing prices. However, in the US there are cities that offer profitable jobs, thriving enterprises and a lot of available places to live. CNBC.

Austin, Texas
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MagnifyMoney, a financial site, identified a list of prosperous cities in America, analyzing 100 of the largest US communities, and the changes that have occurred in them over a five-year period (between 2011 and 2016 years) in three categories: population and housing; labor and incomes; business growth. Cities could get a maximum of 100 points in each category, which were then averaged to calculate the final ranking.

The rating took into account such factors as the total number of available housing units, the unemployment rate, the average income of employees, the number of business institutions, etc.

15 US cities where the economy grows and wages:

15. Des Moines, Iowa

  • Population and housing: 59,7 points from 100
  • Labor and income: 42,8 points from 100
  • Business growth: 52,5 points from 100

14. Orlando, FL

  • Population and housing: 55,7
  • Labor and incomes: 39,8
  • Business Growth Rate: 64,2

13. Charlotte, North Carolina

  • Population and housing: 55,7
  • Labor and incomes: 39,8
  • Business Growth Rate: 64,2

12. Ogden Utah

  • Population and housing: 51,2
  • Labor and incomes: 46,8
  • Business Growth Rate: 63,3

11. Houston texas

  • Population and housing: 77,7
  • Labor and incomes: 41.9
  • Business Growth Rate: 43,9

10. McAllen, Texas

  • Population and housing: 60,3
  • Labor and incomes: 62,2
  • Business Growth Rate: 44,3

9. San Antonio, TX

  • Population and housing: 57,2
  • Labor and incomes: 45,4
  • Business Growth Rate: 64,5

8. Boise idaho

  • Population and housing: 53,2
  • Labor and incomes: 47,8
  • Business Growth Rate: 67

7. Dallas, TX

  • Population and housing: 61,4
  • Labor and incomes: 48,7
  • Business Growth Rate: 64,4

6. Denver, CO

  • Population and housing: 52,2
  • Labor and incomes: 58,3
  • Business Growth Rate: 65,3

5. Nashville, Tennessee

  • Population and housing: 54,5
  • Labor and incomes: 54,6
  • Business Growth Rate: 72,9

4. Charleston, South Carolina

  • Population and housing: 66,9
  • Labor and incomes: 60,6
  • Business Growth Rate: 71,7

3. Raleigh, North Carolina

  • Population and housing: 84,1
  • Labor and incomes: 48.3
  • Business Growth Rate: 70,8

2. Provo, UT

  • Population and housing: 79,9
  • Labor and incomes: 52,2
  • Business Growth Rate: 95,1

1. Austin TX

  • Population and housing: 100
  • Labor and incomes: 70,3
  • Business Growth Rate: 93

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