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15 cities where you can buy a house for $ 50 000

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According to the National Association of Realtors, in the fourth quarter of 2016, the average home price was $ 235. In San Jose, the average price was $ 000 million, while in San Francisco, Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego and Honolulu, the average prices exceeded $ 1. People earning $ 500 a year - roughly the average household income in the United States - will have trouble buying a home in these cities, as well as cities such as Boston, Seattle, and Denver.

In many cities, $ 50 is not enough to pay even a 000% down payment. However, house prices in the United States are not high everywhere. In some parts of the country, you will still find houses with 20-5-digit prices. To be sure, these budget cities don't always top the list of the best places to live. These cities may have high unemployment or poverty rates, or the average wages will be quite low. The houses themselves may not be in the best condition and need additional renovation.

We publish a list of 15 cities with the lowest average housing prices. In these cities it is possible to buy a house for just 50 000 dollars.

All property information provided by Zillow. Data as of 1 March.

15. Akron, Ohio

Average housing price: 122 800 USD

Here you can get a house with three bedrooms and one bathroom for 48 000 dollars. The Kenmore Ranch-style house was built in 2004 year. There is a laundry room on the first floor, a fenced backyard, laminated floors and an unfinished basement.

14. Illinois / Iowa

Average housing price: 121 100 USD

What you can get for 50 000 dollars: a vintage apartment in Chicago in Davenport, Iowa, for 42 995 dollars. This one-bedroom single room of 710 square feet is located in the 1925 building of the year. There are many nice little things, such as the old parquet floor, as well as some modern upgrades, such as a dishwasher. There is also one parking space.

13. Toledo Ohio

Average housing price: 120 300 USD

What you can get for 50 000 dollars: a house with four bedrooms and two bathrooms for 44 900 dollars in the South Side area. The house, built in 1916 year, has recently been renovated and equipped with new electrical equipment and plumbing. It has an updated kitchen and bathroom, and new floors are completed. The house is located near the center of Toledo, the elementary school is one block away, and the Toledo Zoo is within a short 5 minute drive.

12. Fon du Lac, WI

Average housing price: 120 000 USD

You can buy a house for two rooms with one bathroom for 46 900 dollars. The 972 square foot home is small but ready to move in. There is an attic and a large yard. There is also a separate garage.

11. Wichita Falls, TX

Average housing price: 118 900 USD

For 50 000 dollars you can get: a house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, built in 1947 year for 48 000 dollars. The house has an area of ​​1640 square. ft. there is a living room with parquet floors and a fireplace, as well as unusual details of the mid-century, such as a built-in room divider with a bench.

10. Kankakee, IL

Average housing price: 118 800 USD

You can buy a house with four bedrooms and one bathroom for 40 000 dollars. The 1100 square foot home was built in 1905 and features new windows, a stove and a garage. It also recently blocked the roof.

9. Waterloo Cedar Falls, Iowa

Average housing price: 118 200 USD

You can buy a three-bedroom, 1¾-bath house for 49 900 dollars in Waterloo, Iowa. This spacious 1915 house features artisan-style details, such as original woodwork and fitted wardrobes. There is also a laundry room on the ground floor, a double garage and a fenced backyard.

8. Peoria, Illinois

Average housing price: 113 700 USD

You can buy a three-bedroom house, 1½-bath for 42 000 dollars. This two-story vintage house is decorated with original wood paneling, beamed ceilings, a fireplace and stained glass windows.

7. South Bend, Indiana

Average housing price: 113 700 USD

You can buy a house with two bedrooms and one bathroom for 46 750 dollars. This house has been completely refurbished and equipped with a new kitchen, a renovated bathroom and a new water heater.

6. Erie, PA

Average housing price: 113 400 USD

You can buy a three-bedroom and two-bathroom home for 45 500 dollars in Girard, Pa., Near Erie. This house is ready to move in. It has a wood burning fireplace and all necessary equipment for life.

5. Binghamton, New York

Average housing price: 109 700 USD

You can buy a two bedroom house, one ranch bath for 48 500 dollars. The house has parquet floors and a wood burning fireplace, as well as a kitchen, an attached garage and a covered porch.

4. Rockford, IL

Average housing price: 109 500 USD

You can buy for 50 000 dollars a house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, for 50 000 dollars. The house has an area of ​​almost 1400 square feet and has a separate garage and laundry room on the first floor. It is located in the western part of the city and is close to the park and within walking distance of the elementary school.

3. Cumberland, MD

Average house price: 94 000 USD

You can buy a three-room house with one bathroom, 1405 square feet in area for 39 900 dollars. The house has a fireplace and a backyard.

2. Decatur, Illinois

Average house price: 92 400 USD

You can buy a house with two bedrooms and one bathroom for 42 000 dollars. This house is 971 square. feet in a dead end street was built in 1956 year and has energy efficient upgrades, updated stove and air conditioning, as well as a separate garage. A large park is located two blocks from the house. Also nearby is Lake Decatur.

1. Youngstown Ohio

Average housing price: 87 600 USD

You can buy a two-bedroom house, 1½-bath for 49 900 dollars. The 936 square foot home was built in 1947, with windows and a bathroom recently changed. There is a fenced yard, front and back yards. The house is located a few blocks from Mill Creek Park.

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