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15 Major Privileges That US President Gains

One of the most intense U.S. election races is coming to an end. On January 20, the 45th US President Donald Trump will vacate the office for the 46th - Joe Biden.

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Edition T collected a list of privileges 15, which receive American presidents.

1. Personal plane

The commander-in-chief flies with comfort and with a very high level of security aboard the special Boeing 747-200B. On its board is a command post that allows the president to be in touch all the time. In addition, this aircraft can be refueled during the flight, and thus be in the air as long as necessary.

There is enough food on the plane to feed a hundred people at a time. It is also protected from all sorts of attacks, including electromagnetic.

The cost of maintenance and operation of this aircraft is about $ 200 thousand per hour.

2. Super Marine Helicopter

It is a highly specialized aircraft that follows the president everywhere. His mission is to save the head of state in case of an emergency. Only 4 pilots were honored to fly it. This helicopter can fly after losing one engine and is also armed with an anti-missile defense system and ballistic missiles.

3. Trips to the “Monster”

“Monster” is a nickname given to the presidential limousine, or rather 12 identical cars that the head of the United States uses to move on the ground. This car is bulletproof and will withstand a bomb explosion. Each "Monster" is worth $ 1-1,5 million.

4. Life in the White House

Life has always been good in this building; running water appeared here in 1833, and an elevator in 1881. The construction of the White House at the end of the 232th century cost $ 272. Since the President has lived there, this building has always been among the best.

5. Covering the cost of business and travel after leaving the post

By law, the General Services Administration is required to cover the business expenses and travel expenses of the former US presidents.

6. Good pension

All former US presidents receive a lifetime pension, which is officially called compensation, in the amount of more than $ 200 a year.

7. Vacation home

Since Franklin Roosevelt, every US president has access to Camp David, the president's official country home. It is equipped with a gymnasium and a swimming pool and is very modern, despite being built several decades ago. Every day that Obama spent in this house cost the budget $ 711.

8. The staff is always there and ready to help.

The White House is home to about 100 permanent staff. But her list is not limited only to cooks and butlers - a florist, plumber and footmen are constantly on duty at the White House.

9. Best guard

The secret service constantly protects the president and his family, even at the cost of his own life.

They are well prepared and trained. In addition, all former presidents are under their protection for life.

10. Personal trainer

The White House also has fitness trainers who will tell the president at any time of the day which exercise is best to choose and how to do it correctly.

11. Tasty food

One of the best chefs in the country prepares for the president, who earns about $ 100 thousand a year. Under Bush Jr. and Obama, it was the first woman in this position - Cristeta Camerford.

12. Have your own cinema

The White House has a cinema at 42 location. It was built in the time of Franklin Roosevelt.

13. Fresh vegetables are available year round.

In 2009, Michelle Obama laid a small garden on the territory of the White House, which over time grew, and fruits and vegetables from it fall into the menu of the presidential residence.

At the beginning, Michelle Obama spent $ 200 on it, at the time of Barack Obama's departure from the post, the supporters of the idea donated about $ 2,5 million to this garden. How his fate developed during the Trump administration is unknown.

14. Fantastic guest house for visitors

Presidents of other countries and members of their delegations visiting the White House are settled in Blair House. It consists of 4 integrated houses with 120 rooms and 18 units of around-the-clock attendants.

15. State funeral

All presidents are buried pompously and with honors at state funerals.

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