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15 free quarantined video viewing services

On these sites you can find thousands of free videos with your favorite TV shows, movie updates and immortal classics, live broadcasts of popular television channels and educational programs, writes Money Talks News.

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Some popular streaming services offer a paid monthly subscription, while others sell each video separately. But today we bring to your attention 15 sites where you can find the sea free video content for every taste. Services reserve the right to show users ads, which they earn from.

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1. Comet

The channel is known for its cool science fiction shows. The most popular are Battlestar Galaktika and Wild World. The service offers a large number of thrillers, horror films and popular science programs. You can watch the Comet channel online via a Roku player or on an Apple TV.

2. Court TV

Do you miss the cool amateur videos and series? Katz Networks revived streaming service Court tv. The video can be watched around the clock and absolutely free on TV, cable TV, online on the site, using any streaming device, including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV.

3. Crackle

This service from Sony offers free viewing of TV shows, series and videos of its own production. In addition, here you will find your favorite TV series of past years: “All About the Family”, “What's Happening!”, “Roseanne” and others.

4. Hoopla

Representatives Hoopla call their project the "Patron of Libraries" as it provides educational videos, comics, audiobooks, and films to libraries across North America. To authorize on the site, you need to register your reader card from the library. After that, you can download content to your computer or mobile device in unlimited quantities. The portal's collection includes thousands of interesting films, videos and TV shows, so everyone will find something to their liking here.

6. Kanopy

Kanopy is another partner for American libraries. The content of this portal is not only entertaining but also educational. Here you will find many documentaries, movie classics, educational videos, foreign films and more. To register on the site, you need a library card reader. Check if your library or educational institution is on the list of project partners for link.

7. Locast

This nonprofit project provides free video access in 18 regions of the United States and Puerto Rico. To connect to the service you need access to the Internet and login Locast. You can find out if the service works in your area by link. To register, you must specify personal data and confirm that you live in one of the regions of the Locast network coverage. Next, you select the local broadcast channel and watch the video on any device.

8. Pluto TV

To use the service Pluto TV no registration required. Just search for a service on Smart TV and watch. Pluto has collected 250 channels and thousands of films for its users. Viewing is available for users of the Pluto TV mobile application, any browser and Windows desktop application. In the library of the service you can find such classics as the James Bond films, the series “The Third Planet from the Sun” and “Roseanne”.

9. Popcornflix10. Redbox free live tv

The creators of Popcornflix pride themselves on its ease of use.

“Any movie can be found in a maximum of two clicks,” they write on Online.

The service, which specializes in feature films, is owned by Screen Media Ventures, a distribution company.

“Popcornflix was created for people like us - those who love to watch great movies for free,” the creators of the project say.

Here, every film fan will find films that will make you laugh until you drop, a little sad, tune in a romantic mood. It is at Popcornflix that the latest documentaries, unique web series and foreign films from the best directors are collected.

10. Redbox Free Live TV

Redbox company specializes in film distribution and owns a free streaming video service from 30 television channels and three own channels with copyright content. Video from Redbox Free Live TV can be watched on Online or via the Redbox mobile app. Channels from the service library: American Classics, USA Today, Unsolved Mysteries, TV news channels, movie channels and many others. Redbox's own projects include the comic channel Redbox Comedy, the adventure channel Redbox Rush, and the Redbox Spotlight channel (channel for the latest movie and video game releases).

11. Sling Free

Onlineservice, owned by Dish Network, provides free content that doesn’t require a subscription to view. During quarantine, the service provides free viewing of video of its own production from 17:00 to midnight.

12. Stirr

On the portal Stirr You can absolutely watch live broadcasts of sports matches and competitions. In the library of the portal you will find hundreds of films and television shows. Subscription is not needed, but the service reserves the right to display ads.

13. Tubi

This portal boasts a collection of over 20 films. In 000, the site was visited by a record number of users - 2019 million.

14. Vudu

This service The streaming video is owned by Walmart and offers a paid subscription ranging from $ 3,99 to $ 5,99 per month. However, there are plenty of free videos here for all tastes.

15. Xumo

This site broadcasts over 180 TV channels for free. Go to the “Available TV Channels” section to find out what's interesting to watch in your area.

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