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Heat in California: authorities ask to save electricity until 9 in the evening

Photo: depositphotos

The fire in the valley of Santa Clarita led to the evacuation of more than a thousand people. Photo: depositphotos

The sultry heat throughout California has led authorities to recommend that state residents reduce electricity use during the day.

A similar initiative was made by the CAISO operating company serving California electrical grids.

Locals are asked to save electricity from 2 hours of the day until 9 evenings, as well as postpone washing and washing dishes for the evening.

According to CAISO, 4-6 has peak hours in the evening, and a high demand for electricity in other states will result in restrictions in importing more electricity.

California, particularly the southern part of the state, has experienced high summer temperatures over the past week and a half.

The heat combined with the drought that has been going on for the fifth year has caused two large fires - in the Santa Clarita Valley and in central California, north of the Big Sur region.

The total area of ​​the spread of two fires was more than 50 thousand acres (about 20 thousand hectares). Two people died, more than a thousand local residents were evacuated.

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