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13 inspiring stories of good deeds in the era of the coronavirus

Good deeds, no matter how modest at first glance, may give hope during a pandemic. 13 encouraging and inspiring examples of kindness invites you to find out Reader's Digest.

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The life we ​​are used to changed quickly and significantly as the coronavirus pandemic spread across countries and continents around the world. Our new way of life is spending time at home, closed establishments and being away from friends. Fortunately, showing kindness gives everyone the opportunity to hope for the best during these challenging times.

Birthdays on the road

Birthday is a favorite holiday, but how to celebrate it if you and your friends are quarantined due to the coronavirus? Fortunately, people have figured out how to celebrate by maintaining a 6 foot (1,8 meter) distance. On April 16, young Peyton Buss's eighth birthday, members of the Conejo Valley Little League baseball team arrived at his home in Thousand Oaks, California, and congratulated the boy directly from the car. The celebration was attended by more than 25 cars, there were many gifts, cards, balloons and wishes.

Parcels for medical professionals

On March 24 in Munich, Germany, one of the family doctors shared a photo of a box filled with face masks and jelly candies, accompanied by a card that read: “You need this urgently. All the best for the coming weeks. And thanks for your work! ”

Free face masks and screens

You can still help others by staying at home. For example, using a 3D printer, a 15-year-old American named Brandon prints face shields on a 3D printer and even organized a campaign Print the curve flat by printing such accessories for medical professionals.

Teddy bears in the windows

During your walks, you may have noticed that toy teddy bears appeared in the windows. Have you ever wondered why? The idea of ​​putting a teddy bear on the windowsill was inspired by the children's book by British writer Michael Rosen, "Let's go catch a bear." People put teddy bears in their windows all over the world so that the children have something good that you can expect while walking during the quarantine period. We collected some photos of this nice action here.

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Words of encouragement on the sidewalk

On the sidewalk outside New York's Langone Health Hospital in New York on April 12, someone wrote a message in chalk with the words 'Tough times, tough people' (short for the proverb: “Tough times pass, strong people stay”). In these difficult times, it is good to see words of encouragement everywhere, including on the sidewalk.

Buying food for the elderly

If you have elderly neighbors, now is the time to help them protect themselves from illness by bringing them groceries from the supermarket and medicines from the pharmacy. This is common in many countries - people buy everything they need and bring the elderly for free.

Acknowledgment from Firefighters

Not only ordinary people appreciate the important work of those who risk their lives to save others. For example, on April 2, in front of the building of the Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, New York, COVID-19 epicenter, firefighters from New York posted a poster expressing their appreciation for the hard work of medical workers.

Rainbow to support

A picture of a rainbow and flowers on the window of a house in Penarth, Wales, provided a clue on how to show solidarity by staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic. Drawings and images of the rainbow have been shown throughout the United Kingdom and other countries as a symbol of hope and solidarity, a simple act that shows that we are all together.

Encouraging signs

Not every act of kindness has to be tied to the act of a specific person. For example, near AdventHealth Hospital in Orlando, Florida, posters were hung on the walls saying “My superheroes wear masks” and “Thank you from the whole world”, as well as a poster depicting a syringe stuck into a “terrified” coronavirus.

Helping hand

On April 5, outside a Stop & Shop in Boston, Massachusetts, Pastor Miniard Culpepper of Pleasant Hill Missionary Baptist Church shared $ 10 bills and palm branches with customers. In total, he gave people $ 250.

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Candles in the windows

On April 5, millions of Indians turned off the lights for 9 minutes and lit candles at 9 pm in response to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s request to “challenge the darkness.” In Calcutta, India, residents light candles to show unity against the new coronavirus pandemic.

Lunch Donations

Due to the fact that many people were fired from their jobs or shut down their business, they had to change their spending habits and lifestyle. On April 18, in Heidelberg, PA, volunteers Josh Forry and Kevin Snyder cooked hot meals and distributed fresh food to people waiting in their cars.

Pet food

You need to feed not only people, but also pets. On April 22, Inga Frike, director of Community Initiatives at Humane Pennsylvania, purchased pet food in a warehouse to take it to needy four-legged recipients.

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