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Northern California habits that are not shared by other states

There are a few things that people in Northern California do, and the rest of the country just doesn't understand it, but that doesn't mean Californians will change their habits. Writes about this Only In Your State.

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1. Save water

Even if there has been a drought recently, this is no excuse for being wasteful.

2. Swim wherever it is deep and clean enough, no matter how cold

From the Pacific Ocean to backyard pools, Northern California residents love to swim in the water as much as they hate wasting it.

3. Hold festivals for almost all types of food

Northern California hosts many food and drink festivals throughout the year - pumpkin, garlic, asparagus, oysters, shellfish, wine, beer, and more.

4. They call all grilled food “barbecue”

Some people, especially those from the south, don't like it when they do it, but the people of Northern California don't care.

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5. They wave to everyone, especially builders who hold stop signs in their hands

For some reason, Californians always make a special effort to thank these guys for their work. Obviously, they don't always get the same courtesy.

6. Live in dry, hot climates

Although not very good, it is much preferable to the humid hot climate that reigns in the east.

7. Prefer rural life

Northern California residents do not understand why people tend to surround themselves with the suburbs and live in the metropolis when there are such impressive rural scenic views.

8. Prefer Northern California way of life over Southern California

And this is very logical, otherwise why would a single state be divided into two such different territories.

9. Love quality fresh fruits and vegetables

The most delicious apples, corn, avocado, mango, pumpkin and more are grown right here. Therefore, Northern California residents will prefer the farmers' market over the store.

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10. Always drive on country roads

This is a fresher, more picturesque and fun journey on the road at a lower cost, even if it takes a couple of extra minutes.

11. Keep your favorite hangouts a secret

No Northern California resident will tell you where the party is or what it's called. They can keep secrets.

12. They always walk by car

Northern Californians love to walk from the red forest to the mountain peaks. And the best way to see it all is definitely by car.

13. Always return home

Many residents of the state move, but then return anyway. They believe that there is no better place than home, which will always be in their hearts.

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