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12 locations in Northern California where you can camp on the beach

Northern California is famous for hundreds of kilometers of coastal zone, so it is worth spending at least once a night on the beach, waking up to the sound of the waves, and enjoying the first rays of sunlight.

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1. Caspar Beach RV Park and Campground

Where: 14441 Point Cabrillo Dr, Mendocino

What makes this park wonderful is that it is located across the road from the beach. The area is separated from the tent camp by a delightful stream. On the territory you can be with dogs.

2. Clam Beach State Campground

Where: Clam Beach Dr, McKinleyville

If you like sunsets, then this is for you. This place is great for walking on the sand along the coast.

3. Wright's Beach Campground

Where: 7095 California 1, Bodega Bay

The beach is different in that it is dark and can be explored endlessly.

4. Anchor bay campground

Where: 35400 S Hwy 1Gualala

Great beach. Incredible landscapes. Clean toilets. Grocery store. Bring children here and, for sure, the rest will be memorable.

5. Doran campground

Where: 201 Doran Beach Rd, Bodega Bay

People come from neighboring states to enjoy camping on the beach. You can come here with dogs, but you should keep them on a leash.

6. North beach campground

Where: 399 S Dolliver St. Pismo beach

7. Manchester Beach KOA

Where: 44300 Kinney RdManchester

It is worth coming here with your family. Here you can go horse riding, as well as feel like in a Hollywood movie.

8. Westport Beach RV Park & ​​Campgrounds

Where: Edit37700 N Hwy 1Westport

Serene and simply beautiful. Both RV and tent camping are available. There is a hot shower. Come here with children - and your vacation will be unforgettable.

9. Bodega Dunes Campground

Where: Sonoma Coast SPBodega Bay

10. Francis Beach Campground

Where: Francis BeachHalf Moon Bay

Total 7 US dollars for camping and cycling camping. Half moon bay - one of the favorite places of many. Waking up to the sound of waves and greeting a foggy morning with a hot cup of coffee is bliss. Head here for Pumpkin festival on the 2 week of October. Great idea!

11. Sunset state beach

Where: 201 Sunset Beach RdWatsonville

12. Wildcat Camp - Point Reyes Seashore

Where: 1 Bear Valley RdPoint Reyes Station

A great place for lovers of hiking and beach holidays. One happy tourist said: “Super-cool camping and definitely great for beginners.”

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