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12 fabulously beautiful waterfalls in New York, which are breathtaking

One of the largest world-famous attractions in New York State is Niagara Falls. It is so beautiful that it is easy to lose sight of the less popular, but no less beautiful waterfalls that can be found in the state.

Waterfall in the park Havana Glen. Photo: Depositphotos

Want to add some new waterfalls to your travel plan? A glimpse of the New York State's 12 waterfalls, which is breathtaking, suggests Only In Your State.

1. Ithaca Falls, Ithaca

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Favorite waterfall of many New Yorkers. Its height is 100 feet (30,5 meters) and it is located in the southern part of Lake Kayuga!

2. Caught Falls, Filmore Glen State Park

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Available throughout the year, the waterfall has a height of almost 40 feet (12,2 meters) and is located in a secluded area of ​​the park.

3. Lampson Falls, Claire

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In the northern part of the beautiful Adirondack Mountains, you will find the wild forest of Grass River and the enchanting waterfalls of Lampson. A walk about a mile (1,6 km) long leads you to this large 60-foot (18,3 meter) waterfall.

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4. Edwards Falls, Manlius

At a height of approximately 60 feet (18,3 meters), this waterfall is very beautiful. You can find it in a pretty urban setting in Onondaga County.

5. Lucifer Falls, Robert Treman State Park

This is not just an ordinary waterfall, on which you stumble on a walk. You cannot look away from this magnificent 115-foot (35-meter) waterfall located in Enfield!

6. Eagle Cliff Falls, Havana Glen Park

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A short walk through the park will lead you to a hidden waterfall located in the Montur Falls area. Approximately 40 feet (12 meters) tall, it attracts many travelers en route to the waterfalls of Watkins Glen State Park.

7. Shekvaga Falls, Montur Falls

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More than 150 feet (46 meters) in height, this waterfall is a real treasure. Water flows here all year round, without freezing, the flow almost never runs out.

8. Caaterskill Falls, Hunter

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Two tiers and 260 feet (almost 80 meters) tall will make you feel that this waterfall is a dream! Pinch yourself and enjoy one of the most beautiful views of New York State, surrounded by truly stunning landscapes.

9. Waterfalls in Stony Brook State Park

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An ideal place to cool off on a hot day. These waterfalls are located in Dunsville, in a wonderful state park. There are several waterfalls here - they are so beautiful, you didn’t even suspect!

10. Salmon River Falls, Oswego District

Located near the city of Orwell, this stunning 100-foot (30,5-meter) waterfall is perfect for visiting after a good rain!

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11. Shelving Rock Falls, Fort Ann

Located in the heart of the Lake George trail, this waterfall will open to your view after a short walk through the scenic area. Although the water here is not very deep, it is a great place to stop and refresh yourself after a day of hiking.

12. Split Rock Falls, Hammond Pond Wild Forest

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The waterfall is located in the Adirondack Mountains on the Boquete River. He is one of a kind, take a look at this beauty - and understand why!

These amazing waterfalls in New York are worth a visit at least once!

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