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11 Target Secrets That Customers Should Know

Target is a great store where you can find almost everything a customer needs, although prices are not always good there. However, there are a few tricks that can help you save money when shopping on this network. CheatSheet.

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1. Learn the markdown method

According to Mike Catania, the founder PromotionCode, different categories of goods have their markdowns.

  • Monday: electronics, accessories, children's clothing, books, children's and stationery.
  • Tuesday: homewear, women's clothing, pets and food.
  • Wednesday: men's clothing, health and beauty, diapers, garden items, furniture.
  • Thursday: dishes, underwear, shoes, toys, sporting goods, decor and luggage.
  • Friday: auto, cosmetics, equipment and jewelry.

2. January and July are the best times to buy toys

The purpose of the store is to sell off old goods in order to make room for new ones, but sometimes the store simply makes room. According to All things target, in the “big cleaning” section of toys takes place in January and July. In mid-January and at the end of July, the store will sell toys from last season at a discount up to 70%. For most buyers, this will happen on Thursday.

3. Black Friday deals are some of the best

Every year, the day after Thanksgiving, shoppers come to the stores, hoping to catch great deals. Some of the best sales taking place in Black Friday, are situated in Target. The same goes for Cyber ​​monday.

"Every year Target is one of our top five stores for offers in Black Friday - said Benjamin Glazer, editorial editor of DealNews. - Interestingly, unlike Amazon and Walmart, Target also included in the list of best deals Cyber ​​monday».

4. Save 5% with Target card

Target, like many other retailers, it issues its debit and credit cards, which assume the return of 5% of your money spent on purchases, as well as the free delivery of goods ordered online.

Making a card does not include any fees, so its design is beneficial, no matter how often you make purchases in Target. If you have time to issue a card before 20 May, in addition to it, the retailer will give you a discount coupon for 10%.

5. Get refund for online purchases

Mobile app Paribus offers a refund for purchases made online, including on the site Target.

Registration in the application is completely free. Once you have completed it, the program will scan your email for checks for online purchases. In case of a decrease in the price of the goods you purchased, the application will automatically return the difference to you, it works with 17 known retailers.

6. Use money back apps

application Ibotta Offers a refund of 25% of the purchase amount just for a photo of your receipt. Do not miss this chance.

7. Use Visa card

If you use a card Visa to pay for products in Targetthen you should download an application that automatically and completely free of charge will find and apply discount coupons to your purchase.

It is called Trim and will apply a discount coupon or refund you if you missed the opportunity to use the coupon with a previous purchase.

8. Pay attention to the price tags

On the price tags, check the upper right corner to see the percentage reduction in the goods, in the lower left corner of the price tag indicates the original price.

In addition, prices ending in an 0,04 dollar usually indicate that the product has been devalued several times already, and its prices are more likely to not decline. But those products whose prices end in $ 0,06 or $ 0,08 are more likely to be discounted.

9. Download the CartWheel app.

This application is from Targetwhich will inform you about the latest discounts and special offers in the store. The application can be downloaded for free: for iPhone or Android.

10. Earn by scanning barcodes of purchased goods

Company Nielsen pays money for customers chanting the barcodes of the goods they purchased and sending these company data.

If you are interested, you can fill out an application on the website. Nielsen Consumer Panel.

11. Get discounts for your purchases

Download apps SavingStar и Checkout51who will offer you discounts just for sending them a purchase check to Target.

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