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12 privileges that only New Yorkers have

Regardless of whether you were born in New York or moved there from another place, you know for sure that there are many reasons to love life in New York. The state boasts a high level of economic development, as well as an abundance of natural and man-made attractions.

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Edition Only in Your State collected a list of privileges that only residents of New York have and who are envied by people living in other regions of the United States.

1. New York is the oldest natural landmark of the United States.

Near the small town of Kisevill is the country's oldest park Ausable chasm. It was opened in the 1870 year, and still offers tourists trekking through the gorges, hiking and even water tours, during which unforgettable views open up before tourists.

2. The state of New York is the capital of a UFO on the East Coast.

If you've ever had to brag about something unusual in New York, then you should remember that Pine Bush is the capital of UFOs on the East Coast of the United States. It has fewer than 2000 residents, but most of them have encountered something inexplicable in the town. It even hosts an annual UFO fair.

3. The state is filled with charming gorges

Visiting regions of the state, such as, for example, Finger Lakes, you will find yourself surrounded by endless gorges that make you feel on another planet. You can also go on a journey through the park of Watkins Glen, the most famous gorge in New York, in which there are several dozen charming waterfalls.

4. Soon in New York will be its own Legoland

In addition to the nature of New York will soon be able to boast and modern man-made entertainment. Come to the city of Goshen by the year 2021, and you will see the park Legoland and themed hotel Legowhich will remain open year round.

5. Nowhere do pizza and wings cook better than in New York

Anyone who has ever visited New York knows that such tasty wings and pizzas, like in this state, cannot be found in all of America.

6. New York knows how to make great wine

New Yorkers have mastered the art of making the most delicious wine. Interesting fact: did you know that Brotherhood Winery in Washingtonville, New York, is the oldest winery in America? In addition, in New York there are many small breweries that brew simply fantastic beer.

7. A huge number of waterfalls

In New York, there are not just a lot of waterfalls, most of them are special, they have broken some records. Park Niagara Falls is the oldest park in the United States, and in the park Taughannock falls The highest waterfall to the east of the Mississippi River is located.

8. New York State Parks are among the best in the country.

Letchworth State Park was recognized as one of the best parks in America, it is not surprising that New York parks gather thousands of visitors every year.

9. Scenic Views

Living in New York, you will realize that almost every time you drive on a highway, you find yourself in a very picturesque place and will be amazed by the surrounding sights and views.

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10. Rich Olympic history of the state

Of course, there are other states in the United States that hosted the Olympics, but Lake Placid held the Winter Games twice. Today, visitors to this city can familiarize themselves with its Olympic history in places such as the Olympic Sports Complex, where you can personally evaluate the facilities built for athletes.

11. New York is one of the greatest cities in the world

New York can love or hate, but the fact that it is one of the greatest cities in the world, and in every country there are thousands who want to visit it, cannot be denied, and it is always near the inhabitants of New York State.

12. Surrounded by water

It is proved that the time spent near the water, relaxes and gives people a feeling of happiness, and New York is just surrounded by embankments of different reservoirs: from small rivers and lakes to the Atlantic Ocean.

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