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12 features of the American school: impressions of a Russian-speaking immigrant

Author of the channel Art is an answer on “Yandex.Zen” told that her youngest son came to the United States in 2016 and studied for a year in elementary school. The adaptation was slow and difficult, although he was only 8 years old. The author shared her first impressions of the school.

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1. Most of the children come to school by yellow buses. Parents put the kids on the bus outside the house.

A school day in an American elementary school begins with children sitting on the floor by the classroom and waiting for an invitation from the teacher. They enter the class, greeted the teacher and shaking his hand. In middle and high school, a student can even be addressed with the prefix “sir”.

2. First in class - an oath of allegiance to the flag, to the people. Every day everyone gets up and, putting their right hand to their heart, they say an oath. This is the first thing that immigrant children remember without even knowing the meaning of the words.

3. During a lesson in elementary school, you can chat, walk, sit somehow. During the lesson, classes are often divided into small groups, each with its own task. Sometimes children gather on the floor in front of the blackboard to play games with the teacher.

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4. The directors of the American school (I have already seen two) look like clowns from a cartoon and strive to shake hands with all students, speak in a funny voice, as if their task is to amuse everyone, and not to teach discipline and respect.

5. In schools they study until about 15:00, with a long break for lunch, most of them bring lunch in special bags - lunchboxes. There are even ready-made lunchboxes in stores: cheese, cookies, sausage. You can take breakfast from the cafeteria, but it's not very healthy.

6. Every day the same subjects at the same time (ie language, mathematics, science - every day), some subjects change after a few weeks. Physical education is also every day.

7. All American schools have special lessons for those who do not speak English (ESL lesson), the rest of the lessons are held with everyone. They say that after six months everyone begins to understand and speak. With Vanya, his teacher communicated with the help of a google translator, since he did not understand English well. But she has students every year who don't speak English.

8. In ordinary American schools it is better not to wear a shirt and tie, they may not understand. Everyone wears T-shirts and shorts. Clothes in America are rarely paid attention to. Often I saw children in different socks, unkempt, dressed casually. Only flip flops are not allowed. The uniform is only available in private schools.

9. Basic working documents - folders with files, they put homework in them, printouts from lessons for every day. Textbooks on some subjects can be bought or borrowed from the library, but this is rarely done by anyone.

10. School life (a few days before the start of school) does not begin with a rehearsal of the ruler (as we are offered in Moscow), but with the fact that the student is invited to come, find his class, greet the teacher, meet classmates. High school had an ice cream party in the cafeteria, all new students were given ice cream each, the rest were sold.

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11. One parent committee for the whole school, charitable donation $ 25 at will. Work in it is called volunteering and is included in the resume, is quoted as seniority. I worked as a volunteer for a little, but for this you need to pass a test admission.

12. There are two main holidays in schools: Halloween and Valentine's Day. Religious holidays are not promoted, since everyone has their own religion here: there are many Chinese, Japanese and Jews in our area. On Valentine's Day, all the children of the elementary school gave each other gifts. There is a big party at school on Halloween. All classrooms will be converted into game rooms or dread rooms. Children come in costumes and participate in various games and contests.

In general, the elementary school is child-friendly and the workload is very moderate.

Original column published on the blog. Art is an answer on “Yandex.Zen”

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