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12 shops, travel agencies and telecom operators offering discounts to people over 55

No need to wait until 65 years for the so-called "discounts for senior citizens". Pay attention to mobile operators, retailers, travel companies that offer great discounts for people over 55 years old. More details Money Talks News.

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You do not have to go far to find the best discounts for people of mature age - but first you will need to reach this age. Not all companies define the term “mature” or “mature” in the same way.

Members of the AARP or Association of Mature American Citizens know that these legendary benefits take effect at the age of 50. If you prefer not to pay annual membership fees for the opportunity to receive discounts, just wait another 5 years and enjoy the offers in stores, restaurants, hotels and companies.

Here are the discounts that become available as soon as you turn 55 years old.


Various retailers - from grocery stores to car repair shops - begin the countdown of "mature" discounts from the age of 55 years. They include:

Hy-Vee: a chain of stores offers 5% savings on purchases on Wednesdays. You may need to register and present a Hy-Vee Club Membership Card, which is provided free of charge at the store. Contact your store for details.

Fred Meyer: many people living in the western United States know these supermarkets. If you are at least 55 years old, you will receive a 10% discount on brands of their private brands. Buy Fred Meyer, Kroger, Simple Truth and other private labels to save money.

Michael's: save more when you bring valid ID to stores of this brand. After confirming your age, the cashier will make a 10% discount on your entire purchase. The best part is that this offer includes goods on sale and is valid every day of the week.

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Pep boys: If you need an oil change or a new set of tires, be sure to bring a valid ID to Pep Boys auto parts stores with you. They provide a 10% discount to any client 55 years or older. This discount is only available at the store.

Ross: With the help of the “55+ Tuesday Discount” campaign, the network offers a 10% discount to all customers who have reached the age threshold of 55 years. You may need to provide proof of your age, so do not forget the documents.

Walgreens: If you are 55 years old or older, or you are an AARP member, join the Walgreens Balance Rewards program for free to qualify for discounts on Seniors Day. On certain dates, program participants aged 55 and over can save 20% on selected products at the regular price.

Travel companies

Discounts of these companies will allow you to spend less money on housing and transport while traveling:

Best Western: Save up to 15% on room rates in over 4200 hotels worldwide. Ask for a senior guest discount when booking. Discounted rooms "are subject to availability at the time of request." In addition, not all hotels participate in the promotion and you will be asked to provide proof of age at check-in.

Carnival: When planning a cruise with Carnival, filter your search options to see exclusive rates for mature people. First click on the drop-down filter "VIFP Offers & Extra Savings"; then select the “Age 55+” box on the right side. In the upper right corner of the page, you can switch to calendar view to see offers from month to month.

Royal Caribbean: The international cruise line offers special rates for guests 55 years and older. Please note that these discounted rates are only available on certain flights. Contact Royal Caribbean for more details.

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Wireless carriers

After seeing how much you save with these operators, you will want to call your friends and talk about it:

Sprint: the company called this service package “Unlimited 55+” (“Unlimited 55+”) for a reason. Sprint customers 55 years of age and older who are transitioning to this plan receive two lines of unlimited talk, text messaging and data transfer at a reduced monthly rate. To start, you will need to go to the store.

T-Mobile: This wireless carrier offers more than one unlimited data plan for customers over 55 years old. Contact T-Mobile or go to the store to find a suitable option.

Verizon: Verizon 55+ unlimited tariff plan is available at a reduced price and includes unlimited calls, text messages and data transfer. However, the plan is currently only available to customers with a billing address in Florida.

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