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11 mistakes made by tourists who first arrived in New York

Busy New York can be overwhelming even for those who have lived there for many years, not to mention the tourists who first came to the city.

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Edition 11 has gathered typical mistakes that every newcomer makes in New York.

Try to avoid them, and stay in the city will become easier and more interesting.

1. Food in Times Square

Most likely, a novice decides to have a snack in a busy part of the city, somewhere in the Broadway area, where there are many popular tourist spots. Indeed, there are amazing restaurants in this part of the city, but a huge number of tourists led to the fact that most cafes want to serve and get rid of the client as soon as possible in order to make room for the next tourist. A much more pleasant memory will be a dinner with meatballs in “Little Italy” or mouth-watering flatbreads in Chinatown.

2. Sightseeing in Manhattan only

Thousands of newcomers come to the city to see the sights on the famous island. But the fact is that many amazing sights are located in other areas of the city. Travel to Brooklyn Heights to visit the New York Transport Museum, located near the historic subway station. Go to the Bronx Zoo with a huge urban jungle and spectacular views.

3. Taxi rides only

Moving from one place of interest to another by taxi may be interesting and tempting, but the New York subway system is huge and open around the clock, which is very convenient. In addition, as a rule, the subway is faster than a taxi. There are many Metrocards available for different time periods. Please note that MetroCards also operate in buses.

4. Jumping into an empty subway car

If an empty subway car arrives at the station, it is too good to be true. An empty carriage is empty for some reason, for example, an unpleasant smell or poorly functioning air conditioning systems. So, use the simple rule: clogged wagons may not be very comfortable in terms of comfort, but hundreds of passengers cannot be mistaken at once.

5. Insufficient tip amounts

Yes, in some countries, tips are considered a sign of luxury, and a couple of dollars will create a sensation, even if the restaurant bill was huge. This is not the case in New York, where most service personnel work primarily for the tips that you give them for a job well done. Here it is assumed that tips in restaurants and taxis make up 20% of the bill. For a bellhop who carries your luggage at the hotel or at the airport, 1-2 dollars per bag will be quite normal.

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6. Visit museums and sights whenever you like

A large art museum cannot be opened simply because it is a weekday. Be sure to check the schedule before your arrival. For example, the new Museum of American Art in Mitpeking is closed on Tuesdays. The Freaks collection does not work on Mondays. Museums work longer on certain days of the week. Therefore, the correct timing will help to get a really good rest and pleasant memories from visiting museums.

7. Buying tickets to the theaters of Broadway at the last moment

Of course, some shows offer last-minute tickets, but in general, by adopting this strategy, you will have the opportunity to attend only minor shows. For eminent shows, early booking is important, because tickets diverge like hot cakes.

8. The assumption that bus tours are uninteresting

You may have seen a lot of tourist buses driving around the city, and thought it was not for you. Wrong! Places associated with well-known television shows and movie hits such as “Sex and the City”, Spider-Man and others are becoming more and more popular routes. Many of these tours provide an opportunity to go part of the way on foot, if you have such a mood. On board sightseeing buses you can even meet New Yorkers.

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9. Do not think like a pedestrian

New York is a pedestrian city, so you should think about how you walk. Try not to block the entrance to the subway and bus stops, suddenly stopping to take a selfie. Also try to sharpen your lateral vision as much as possible to see where you are going and who goes behind you.

10. 21 Nightclub Trips: 00

If you just want to drink a couple of cocktails, then 21: 00 is a good time. But if you want to dance, then don't even think about coming before 23: 00.

11. Shopping only in stores that you find out

In Manhattan, there are a huge number of stores of those brands in which you are used to buying things in your hometown. But for the purchase of unique items worth visiting unique shops. The good news is that there are interesting shops all over the city.

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