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11 errors that losers make on weekends

We all look forward to the weekend. But the way we conduct them can tell how successful we are.

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Edition “Life hacker”Made a list of 11 errors that losers make over the weekend.

1. They do not make plans

You do not need to paint the weekend to within a minute, but it would be nice to get a rough idea of ​​what you want to do. So you will save your time and do not forget to do something interesting.

2. They do not find time for loved ones

During the hectic week is difficult to find time for friends and relatives. Try to compensate for this weekend.

3. They do not rest from technology.

Put the phone aside, exit work mail. And explain to your colleagues in advance that you will not answer at the weekend.

4. They do not enjoy the weekend

Whatever you plan, for example, to relax at home alone or to meet with friends, be sure to take some time during the weekend with something that gives you pleasure.

5. They sleep all the time

Maybe you drank too much on Friday and now come to your senses. Or just exhausted in a week. In any case, if you sleep through the whole weekend, you will lose your sleep pattern and feel bad next week.

6. They spend a lot

Of course, sometimes you want to please yourself. But if you limit yourself on weekdays in everything and spend money on trifles on weekends, you won’t save money and you won’t get joy. Look for less expensive ways to have fun, for example, do something at home or attend a free event.

7. They do not reflect

On weekdays, there is no time to think about life and your goals. Take this time off at the weekend.

8. They constantly think about work.

Prepare a work plan for the following Monday to Friday evening, and on Saturday and Sunday, do not think about business.

9. They idle and regret it

After a hard work week, you just want to relax and indulge. But if idleness leads to boredom and irritation, or because of it you miss important things, reconsider your approach to the weekend.

10. They don't relax

But do not overdo it. If there is no rest at all on weekends, you will start the working week without energy and you will not achieve the desired results.

11. They are not preparing for next week.

On Sunday evening, you can think about the next week: make a to-do list, look in your calendar, decide what you want to achieve in the coming days. This is the key to success.

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