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11 little-known facts about Southern California that residents of the region should know

Looking for fun facts about Southern California to share at an upcoming holiday or family gathering? If you're from Southern California, then some of these things may not come as a surprise ... but there are definitely some good things to do here. Writes about it Only in Your State.

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  1. For fans of Dr. Seuss

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Dr. Seuss's real name is Theodore Seuss Geisel. He spent most of his life at La Jolla, and the Geisel Library at the University of California, San Diego is named after him.

  1. In Southern California, there is an island inhabited by a herd of bison

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This herd lives on Catalina Island and includes more than 150 bison, which are free. Settled here the first bison in the 1920's for filming, and after 100 years, the herd continues to grow.

  1. Palomar Observatory

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If you go to the top of the observatory on a clear sunny day, you can see all the way from San Diego to Los Angeles. This is an incredible spectacle.

  1. America's largest county

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The largest U.S. county is in Southern California. San Bernardino County includes a land area of ​​approximately 20 000 square miles (approximately 52 000 square kilometers).

  1. Speaking of San Bernardino ...

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San Bernardino is the most dangerous city in all of Southern California. It has the highest crime rate of any other city in Southern California.

  1. The world capital of avocados is located right in Southern California

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The city of Fallbrook (San Diego County) is considered the world capital of avocados.

  1. Broadway hits

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More shows were sent from Broadway to San Diego than from any other city.

  1. Gift shop in the most unexpected place

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The most unusual gift store is located in the office of the Los Angeles County Coroner. The store is called "Skeletons in the closet."

  1. Lowest home ownership in the whole country

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Homeownership has been steadily declining since 2010. Now it is the lowest in the country: less than 48% of residents own housing, most rent.

  1. High death rate for motorcyclists

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Motorcyclists in Southern California die more often than other motorcyclists in all states. In the 2013 year alone, more than 3500 motorcycle-related deaths or accidents were recorded throughout Los Angeles County.

  1. The richest cities in the USA

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5 of the 20 richest cities in the country are located throughout California - seven of these cities are in Southern California.

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