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11 wild and expensive places to stay in the USA

Let's face it: camping isn't for everyone. Bugs, mosquitoes, having to sleep on the ground, lack of amenities - for some people this sounds more like a natural disaster than an adventure.

Therefore, in the US, the so-called glemping (from “glamorous camping”) is now gaining in popularity, designed to bring comfort lovers to nature, writes the publication Curbed.

Instead of hard ground and sleeping bags that are too cold, the bases for gripping usually have beds, comfortable blankets, and even toilet bowls. But the amenities of a hotel surrounded by wildlife are very expensive.

11 places in the USA for gripping:

Collective retreats

Photo: Collective Retreats

Where: after two years of work in test mode in Vale (Colorado) and Yellowstone (Montana), the company established its bases in Sonoma (California), in Hudson Valley (New York); in Hill Country (Texas) and even on Governors Island in New York.

Cost: from $ 500 to $ 700 per night.

Details: guests are offered luxury tents in places where traditional hotels simply cannot exist: in picturesque places in nature.

Each base contains about 15 tents, in addition to housing, guests are provided with food and entertainment.

The elegant décor includes wooden floors, electricity, Egyptian cotton sheets, a Turkish spa, and bathrooms with bath products. L'Occitane and even fine French coffee bars.

Mendocino grove

Photo: Mendocino Grove

Where: Mendocino Coast in Northern California

Cost: from 145 dollars per night.

Details: base Mendocino grove located at the point from which a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean opens. It includes 60 classic and family safari-style tents, as well as picnic tables, hammocks, hiking trails and games.

Each tent is equipped with comfortable beds, down comforters, cotton linens, lights and a bathroom. The floors are made of mahogany, and in the tent you can relax in leather chairs.

The Ranch at Rock Creek

Photo: Ranch at Rock Creek

Where: Southwest Montana.

Cost: about 1300 dollars per person per day.

Details: this five-star guest ranch has a great cottage where you can sleep, but it also has several large tents that are ideal for couples as well as for large families.

Rustic style is combined with high-class design in tents, many of which have two rooms separated by a curtain. You will also receive a private bathroom, first-class bedding and two gas stoves.

The price per night includes everything you need to rest: cleaning, food, premium drinks, activities, equipment and transfers to and from the airport.

Asheville glamping

Where: 15-20 minutes from Asheville, North Carolina.

Cost: from 70 to 145 dollars per night.

Details: Asheville glamping It boasts a variety of different accommodations, designed for different numbers of residents.

Each tent is equipped with a bed size "queen-size» on a wooden frame and a folding sleeping sofa, air conditioning, electricity and the Internet. There are also hot showers at the base, however these are available separately and not in the tents.

Posh primitive

Where: Adirondack, north of New York

Cost: from 395 dollars per night

Details: the camp tents are made of logs and contain exquisite bedding and antique furniture.

Each tent also has a wood-burning stove, in addition, there is a sauna and a dining room on the territory of the base, dishes in which are included in the price.

Under canvas

Photo: Under Canvas

Where: The bases of this company are in Zion, Moab, Yellowstone and Glacier parks, in 2018, the base will be opened in the Grand Canyon.

Cost: Prices depend on time of year and location, but most of them start with 159 dollars per night.

Details: tents of different sizes with private bathrooms, which have a shower, sink and flush toilet. In tents of type Deluxe there is a wood stove and a lounge area with a leather sofa bed.

Dunton river camp

Photo: Dunton River Camp

Where: the camp is located in the San Juan Mountains in southwestern Colorado.

Cost: 1500 dollars per night.

Details: there are eight spacious tents in the camp. Guests can choose between mountain and river tents.

All tents are equipped with "king size“, bathrooms, gas stoves and exquisitely designed furniture.

Ventana big sur

Photo: Ventana Big Sur

Where: Coast of Big Sur, California.

Cost: from 400 dollars per night.

Details: this base offers a range of different facilities, including luxury tents.

Each tent is equipped with a double bed, heated blankets, a picnic table and separate gas and wood stoves.

The Resort at Paws Up

Photo: Resort at Paws Up

Where: Located on the Blackfoot River in Montana.

Cost: from 1 255 dollars per night.

Details: Each of the 30 tents has internal plumbing, air conditioning, heated beds and blankets.

There are tents with three bedrooms, in which six guests can sleep, they also have two bathrooms. The campsite staff conducts daily tidying in tents and also offers guests several types of entertainment.

El cosmico

Photo: El Comisco

Where: Desert Martha, Texas.

Cost: from 85 dollars per night.

Details: This campsite includes trailers, yurts and tents. Each tent has wooden floors, lighting, beds and chairs.

High-quality linens and towels make you feel at home.

Each tent has a bathroom with shower, bath, toilet and sink, there is also a hammock area at the base for relaxing.

Firelight camps

Photo: Firelight Camps

Where: On the territory of La Tourelle Resort and Spa in Ithaca, New York.

Cost: from 189 dollars per night.

Details: The tents are placed on platforms and contain all the amenities of a traditional hotel room. Hardwood floors, large beds with plush linens, and private balconies will make you feel extra comfortable, and perks like a free continental breakfast are a nice bonus.

Each tent is lighted by flashlights on batteries, and points for charging mobile phones are also equipped in it.

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