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107 free online courses from top US universities

America's top universities are renowned for academic and research programs, professors and faculty with impressive resumes, and beautiful campuses - but getting to these colleges is not easy. Fortunately, you can expand access to high-quality education for everyone with online courses like Coursera and edX.

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Free or low-cost courses are taught by teachers from the best universities around the world, notes Business Insider.

You get free access to course materials and follow the course as it progresses. For additional 40 – 160 dollars on edX, you get a verified certificate that you can include in your resume or profile on LinkedIn. Extended access to Coursera courses includes assignments, tests and final grades and costs from 29 to 99 dollars per course.

We've collected Coursera and edX courses from 14 of the country's top universities - all of which are available to you right now.

Princeton University

The entire list of courses Princeton University Coursera

The entire list of courses Princeton University at edX

  • How to make the government work in hard-to-reach places, 8 weeks on edX
  • Global Capitalist History, 6 weeks on edX
  • The Art of Structural Design: Bridges, 8 weeks on edX

Harvard University

All courses Harvard University edX

  • Computer Science for business professionals CS50, 6 weeks on edX
  • Science and cooking: from fine cuisine to soft science, 6 weeks on edX
  • Masterpieces of World Literature, 12 weeks on edX
  • Opioid crisis in America, 7 weeks on edX
  • Data Science: Basics of R, 4 Week on edX
  • Contract Law: from trust to contract promise, 8 weeks on edX

University of Chicago

All courses University of Chicago on Coursera

  • Critical problems in urban education, 11 weeks on Coursera
  • Understanding the Brain: The Neurobiology of Everyday Life, 10 Weeks on Coursera
  • Internet giants: law and economics of media platforms, 9 weeks on Coursera

All courses University of Chicago at edX

  • Climate change modeling, 8 weeks on edX
  • Critical problems in urban education, 12 weeks on edX

Yale university

All courses Yale University on Coursera

Columbia University

All courses Columbia University Coursera

  • Construction Management Specialization, 6 months on Coursera
  • Epoch of sustainable development, 19 weeks on Coursera
  • Financial Engineering and Risk Management, part I, 8 weeks on Coursera

All courses Columbia university on edX

  • Statistical Thinking for Data Science and Analytics, 5 weeks on edX
  • Machine learning for Data Science and Analytics, 5 weeks on edX
  • Supply and Demand Analytics, 12 weeks on edX
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI), 12 weeks on edX

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

All courses from MIT to edX

  • Introduction to Computer Thinking and Data Science, 9 weeks on edX
  • Just money: banking, as if society mattered, 16 weeks on edX
  • Introduction to computer science and programming using Python, 9 weeks on edX
  • Supply Chain Analytics, 13 weeks on edX
  • Design thinking for leadership and learning, 6 weeks on edX
  • 1 circuits and electronics: basic circuit analysis, 5 weeks on edX

Stanford University

All courses Stanford University Coursera

  • Specialization "algorithms", 4 months on Coursera
  • Organizational analysis, 4 weeks on Coursera
  • International Women's Health and Human Rights, 8-11 weeks on Coursera
  • Baby food and cooking, 8 hours on Coursera
  • Food and Health, introduction from Stanford, 5 weeks on Coursera
  • Socio-economic networks: models and analysis, 5 weeks on Coursera

University of Pennsylvania

All courses University of Pennsylvania on Coursera

  • Business analytics specialization, 3 months on Coursera
  • Specialization "business funds", 6 courses on Coursera
  • Fundamentals of the specialization "positive psychology", 4 months on Coursera
  • Viral marketing and how to create viral content, 6 hours on Coursera
  • Design: creating artifacts in society, 6 weeks on Coursera

All courses University of Pennsylvania at edX

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Strategic Approach, 4 Weeks on edX
  • Intellectual property law and policy: part of weeks 1, 6 on edX
  • Programming for the web in javascript, week 4 on edX
  • Robotics: fundamentals, 12 weeks on edX
  • Hollywood: history, industry, art, 4 weeks on edX

Duke University

All courses Duke University on Coursera

California Institute of Technology

All courses California Institute of Technology on Coursera

All courses from california edx

  • Principles of Economics with Calculus, 10 weeks on edX
  • Pricing options with mathematical models, 10 weeks on edX

Dartmouth College

All courses Dartmouth College at edX

  • Omnichannel: Strategy and Management, 4 Weeks on edX
  • Basics of Retail, 4 Week on edX
  • Certificate in Retail and Universal Management, 8 watches on edX
  • Reality in question! Science, philosophy and the search for meaning, 6 weeks on edX
  • Introduction to Environmental Science, 4 weeks on edX
  • Designing structures around us, 5 weeks on edX

Johns Hopkins University

All courses Johns Hopkins University on Coursera

  • Specialization Data Science, 8 months on Coursera
  • Mastering the development of software by specialization R, 3 of the month on Coursera
  • Systems thinking in public health, 4 weeks on Coursera
  • Development and interpretation of clinical trials, 3 week on Coursera
  • Big Depression in Population: Public Health Approach, 6 weeks on Coursera
  • Health for all through primary health care, 15 hours on Coursera
  • Toxicology 21 century: scientific application, 6 weeks on Coursera

Northwestern University

All courses Northwestern University on Coursera

  • Content strategy for professionals, 4 of the month on Coursera
  • Specialization "Organizational Leadership", 6 months on Coursera
  • Specialization in social networks, 5 months on Coursera
  • 911 Career: Your Future Work in Medicine and Health, 5 weeks on Coursera
  • Scaling operations: linking strategy and execution, 7 weeks on Coursera
  • Modern Robotics, 1 Course: The Basics of Robot Movement, 4 weeks on Coursera

Brown University

All courses Brown University on edX

  • Fantastic places, inhuman people: the study of humanity through literature, 3 week on edX
  • Mastery Medicine: The Power of Art to Enrich Patient Care, 3 Weeks on edX
  • Memory ethics, 3 weeks on edX

Cornell University

All courses Cornell University on edX

  • Practical introduction to engineering simulations, 6 weeks on edX
  • Big Data Listening: Confidentiality and Observation in the Merge Era, 6 weeks on edX
  • Sharks! Global Biodiversity, Biology and Conservation, 4 weeks on edX
  • GMO science and policy, 5 weeks on edX
  • Computer technology inside your smartphone, 10 weeks on edX
  • Introduction to Global Hospitality Management, 6 weeks on edX

Rice University

All courses Rice University on Coursera

  • Investment and Portfolio Management Specialization, 4 of the Month on Coursera
  • Communication skills for engineers, 4 of the month on Coursera
  • Finance for non-financial professionals, 4 weeks on Coursera

All courses Rice University on edX

  • DNA: genetic code of biology, 6 weeks on edX
  • Proteins: biology workforce, 5 weeks on edX
  • Electricity and magnetism, part of 1, 7 weeks on edX
  • Introduction to mechanics, part of 1, 6 weeks on edX

Vanderbilt University

All courses Vanderbilt University on Coursera

  • Specialization in the development of applications for Android, 4 of the month on Coursera
  • Business Basics for Managers, 4 of the Month on Coursera
  • Justice, Mercy and Mass Imprisonment, 7 weeks on Coursera
  • Data management for clinical studies, 6 weeks on Coursera
  • Online games: literature, new media and story, 4 of the week on Coursera
  • Understanding the music business: what's the music worth ?, 6 weeks on Coursera
  • Leading innovations in art and culture, 9 weeks on Coursera

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