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105-year-old american survived two pandemics and defeated COVID-19: what is the secret of her health

Lucia DeKlerk has been getting a lot of attention lately. She turned 25 on January 105, the same day she was diagnosed with COVID-19. CBS Philly.

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Staff at the Mystic Meadows Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey said DeClerk had almost no symptoms but was in the COVID-19 ward for 14 days.

She can now call herself a COVID-19 survivor - the oldest in a nursing home, according to The New York Times, which also spoke to DeClerk.

This means that the centenarian has survived two pandemics. She was only two years old and was living in Hawaii when the Spanish flu hit. DeKlerk also survived two world wars, the death of three husbands and one of his three sons.

The news of the infection came the day after DeKlerk received a second dose of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. Health.

DeKlerk said that at first she was "scared" of her diagnosis. Although she had few symptoms of the disease, she did not like being isolated. She also lacked communication with her caregivers at the rehabilitation center, where she is the oldest resident. DeKlerk was active until she was injured in a fall about four years ago.

Naturally, upon learning of the woman's infection, everyone in the DeKlerk family - two sons, five grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren and 11 great-great-grandchildren - prepared for the worst.

The fact that DeKlerk was vaccinated probably contributed to her recovery, the newspaper notes. But not only that.

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DeClerk's relatives told CBS Philly that she is a sympathetic person.

“She was just open to everything in life, and I think it really helped her because she didn't hesitate to do what she wanted,” DeClerk's son, Henry Lowes, told the radio station.

DeClerk's resilience caught the attention of New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, who called her personally.

“He wanted to know how she was feeling and was happy to know that she had recovered safely,” said an employee of the rehabilitation center where the woman lives.

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When asked about the secret to longevity, DeKlerk said, “Pray, pray, pray. And don't eat junk food. "

She also told the Times that there may be another reason she survived COVID-19 - the nine gin-soaked yellow raisins she eats every morning. She advises to soak raisins in a jar and start eating in nine days.

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Her family now adheres to the unique DeKlerk regime.

“Now we are all in a rush to eat yellow raisins and trying to catch up,” said her 53-year-old granddaughter, Sean Lawes O'Neill.

Surprisingly, DeKlerk is not the oldest person to beat the coronavirus. The oldest known resident of Europe, Andre's sister, contracted the virus at the age of 116. Earlier this month, she celebrated her 117th birthday with a glass of champagne at a nursing home in Toulon, southeastern France.

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