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10 Donald Trump's famous buildings

Forty-fifth US President Donald Trump made a real estate empire by building and reconstructing a huge number of buildings around the world.

Here are the most famous 10:

1. Trump Tower, New York - Trump's Main Building. Here is the headquarters of his corporation. The trump organization... The 58-storey skyscraper houses not only offices, but also Donald Trump's personal penthouse - this apartment was considered the main residence of a businessman.

2. Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort, Atlantic City - an entertainment complex with a casino. It houses hotels, restaurants, and even sports arenas.

3. Trump World Tower, New York is a majestic skyscraper located in the center of Manhattan opposite the UN headquarters.

4. The trump building, New York - Building 40 Wall Street used to be the headquarters of a New York bank. But when Trump bought the skyscraper, the tower became an office tower. And now almost all the offices of large American companies are located there.

5. Ocean club, Panama - Trump built a skyscraper in Panama in 2011. In a 70-storey tower with an area of ​​230 thousand sq. m, the most famous casino in the country is located.

6. Trump International Hotel and TowerChicago. Trump planned to build Chicago’s tallest building on Earth. However, the architects had to temper the billionaire’s appetites for security. Now Trump International Hotel and Tower - a building with a height of 423 m (top of the spire), in which apartments, offices and restaurants are located.

7. Trump International Hotel Washington, DCWashington The house, which is now known as Trump International Hotel in Washington, was erected in 1899 year as the main post office of the American capital. Since then, the building has been reconstructed several times. The post office was twice threatened with demolition, but in the end it was possible to preserve the old building. In 2013, a US government agency leased a building to Donald Trump for 60 years for the billionaire to open a hotel there.

The hotel earned in September 2016 of the year and is considered one of the most expensive in the world.

8. Trump International Hotel Las Vegas, Las Vegas. This skyscraper stands out even against the most expensive buildings in the world. The building looks like an ingot of gold.

9. Trump International Hotel & Tower Baku, Baku, Azerbaijan. The tower looks like a sail towering over the Caspian Sea. The 130-meter skyscraper has 72 apartments and 189 hotel rooms. The building was erected according to the project of the Azerbaijani architect Togrul Akhmedov.

10. Trump Palace, New York. A gorgeous skyscraper built in Manhattan and is considered the highest structure on the Upper East Side. The building owes its defiant appearance to the American architect Frank Williams, whose work also includes the Mercury tower of the Moscow-City business center.


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In the U.S. real estate Tramp millionaire
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