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10 things we pay the most for

Prices for some goods are several times higher than their cost. True, almost always there is an opportunity not to give too much, writes “Life hacker"

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1. Popcorn at the cinema

The leader of the hit parade of revalued things. Just compare: a small glass of popcorn in a cafe at the cinema costs about 200 rubles, in a supermarket 100 grams of corn kernels with dressing, from which you will prepare a large bowl of crunchy goodies, is already about 50 rubles. By weight, the same product will cost 10 rubles per 100 grams. Even if we assume that the cinema popcorn initially weighed the same 100 grams, we get a 20-fold extra charge.

How not to overpay

If you can’t chew for two hours, grab a snack with you. It can be either home-cooked popcorn, or healthy carrot sticks or an apple.

2. Wedding paraphernalia

If you ever looked at wedding products at least once, then you know how expensive they are. Moreover, in the vast majority of cases it is unreasonable. The price of a bride’s dress and a graduate’s dress may differ by half, although the difference will only be in color. The cost of cutting a tulle will be less than that of the same piece of fabric with a “veil” tag, at least 10 times.
How not to overpay
This is a task with an asterisk, since the alternative to “do without a traditional wedding” is not suitable for everyone. Pay attention to non-specialized stores: white shoes at one time from the mass market will cost less than from the wedding salon, and will likely look more relevant. Also, many wedding items can be made with your own hands, if they, of course, grow from the right place.

3. Bottled water

Water from a tap costs about 35 rubles per 1 liters, water in a bottle costs 35 rubles per 1 liter. The difference is impressive.

How not to overpay

Install a water filter at home and take it with you in a reusable bottle - save a lot in the long run.

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4. Dear branded clothing and shoes

In the cheap segment, price and quality are most often directly related. You can easily distinguish shoes for 1 thousand from shoes for 10 thousand. However, between the pairs of 10 and 100 thousand, the difference may not be so obvious. But on one of them there will be a recognizable logo or sole of a certain color.

There is no secret here: when buying branded items, you pay for the name, for expensive advertising, for renting the best premises for boutiques, and so on. But not for the thing itself, and this is important to understand.

How not to overpay

You can buy branded items at a discount on sale or in stocks, but, of course, they will not be from the latest collection. Another option is to become an adherent of rational consumption.

5. Cartridges for the printer

Printers are a fairly durable technology, and there are practically no cases where queues would line up for a new model. It is logical that manufacturers decided not to make money on the device itself, but on expendable components. Therefore, do not be surprised to buy a cartridge at the price of a printer.

How not to overpay

There are several easy ways to reduce ink or toner usage when printing. For example, adapt the web page for printing, eliminating all unnecessary elements.

6. Alcohol and cigarettes

Bad habits are fought in most countries by artificially raising the price of alcohol and cigarettes.

How not to overpay

Drink less often and quit smoking. If only because it is harmful not only for the wallet, but also for you.

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7. “Healthy” food

The energy bar you took in the department with supposedly healthy food costs more than your chocolate counterpart. Although, if you carefully read the inscriptions on the label, you can find out that they have the same calorie content, and they contain about the same amount of fats with carbohydrates.

The situation is similar with high protein yogurts, in which it is written in small letters that they were compared only with other products of the same manufacturer.

How not to overpay

Cook healthy food yourself: you won’t spend too much and you’ll be sure of the composition of the dish.

8. Paper books

Many people love the classic format of books, so that the leaves rustle and smell of printing ink. For pleasure you have to pay several times more than for the electronic version.

How not to overpay

Install convenient reading programs on your devices and buy books in electronic version.

9. Flowers

The prices of bouquets depend not only on the type of flowers that are used in them. You pay for the work of the florist, the rent of the premises and, of course, all those buds that will wither in anticipation of the buyer.

How not to overpay

One hundred roses are so common on Instagram that they have long become commonplace. Do not want to overpay - turn on the imagination and come up with a different present. It is possible to save and it will not work, but you will not bite your elbows, taking the expensive bouquet to the trash in a week.

10. Salt

Salt, the absence of which can spoil the taste of the most refined dishes, is sodium chloride (NaCl). There is not much commercial profit in salt, because it costs very cheaply. And salt with various additives appears on the shelves, which is several times more expensive and, according to the manufacturers, is much more useful. But there is one “but”: the more foreign substances in the product, the less NaCl there is.

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