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10 things to do in Los Angeles: immigrant tips

No need to console yourself with hopes that you will be able to understand and see the whole of Los Angeles if you come here for a week. The city is huge and diverse, writes Nikolai in his channel on Yandex Zen.

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The population of Los Angeles is 3 people. To be precise, it is better to call it not a city, but a district consisting of 792 cities located on more than four thousand square miles. Among these cities are Hollywood, Venice, Santa Monica, Downtown, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Long Beach ... So cut “LA woman” in your headphones and get ready to complete the minimum to-do list in the city of angels.

1. Rent a car immediately!

Or find a driver friend. There is nothing to do here without a car. Public transport in LA is poorly developed and expensive - free transfers between buses and metro trains are not provided. The metro connects only the central areas and has only six lines. Taxis are a luxury. You can rent a car directly at the airport for all days of the trip.

2. Visit Universal Studios Hollywood Park

The Universal Studios Hollywood theme park, dedicated to the oldest of the existing Hollywood movie studios, is one of the most interesting parks in the world. The amusement park occupies a vast territory next to Hollywood. The atmosphere of specific films is recreated here. For example, there is an attraction dedicated to the film “Earthquake”, where daredevils experience real tremors with a force of more than 8 points, and “Jurassic Park” offers a water trip along the river, along the banks of which dinosaurs walk. Entrance daily tickets cost about $ 100. If you arrived here for one day, it is better to take a ticket at a higher price (about $ 160), which gives the right to enter all the attractions without waiting in line. This will save you a lot of time. But it's best to come to Universal Studios Hollywood for two days.

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3. Relax in Santa Monica

Santa Monica is kilometers of snow-white beaches, a long beautiful promenade, a pier with attractions and various entertainments. Here you can just dine in some fish restaurant overlooking the waves of the Pacific Ocean. You can ride bicycles or make jogging, filling the lungs with sea air. You can ride waves on the board or just wallow in the sand, having a picnic. Be careful: hungry gulls are everywhere!

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4. Break away in Venice

The area of ​​Venice (California, Venice) is known to the world for the series Californication. It is here that the attractive and dangerous Henk Moody lives. Walk along these streets - you will understand Henk's choice. Venice is full of crazy freaks. On the ocean promenade you will be offered weed every three steps. Buy bright glasses for $ 8, hit on the shoulder of a funny hippie on rollers and with a tape recorder, then explore the area away from the ocean - there you will see the channels, it will become clear why this place is called Venice.

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5. Stomach bellies at Cheesecake Factory

An excellent network of Cheesecake Factory establishments will delight the sweet tooth with a huge selection of cheesecakes, but not only - the menu also offers full-fledged hot dishes for quite reasonable money by the standards of Los Angeles. The history of the institution dates back to the beginning of the 20th century - in those days the Cheesecake Factory was just a store. Now these cafes serve giant portions of good-quality food. Our advice to you - do not overeat, otherwise you will not be enough for cheesecakes themselves. The cheesecakes here are also huge - one piece will be the size of a whole cake, we are not exaggerating. Here is the address of one of the cafes - 189 The Grove Dr.

6. Walk downtown

It is better to come here in the evening, but not too late - when office clerks have already left the streets, and the homeless have not yet managed to settle down at each wall with their carts for the night. You have to come here with a pleasant company. Choose a restaurant for dinner, where you can, for example, drink wine to the sounds of double bass.

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7. Drop into Chinatown

Small Chinese cities inside other big cities have some kind of magical nature. Here you cross the road - and everything around changes: lanterns, little dragons, hieroglyphs, the spicy smells of kitchens from open windows. If you are lovers of porcelain and silk (real!), Then you need it here. Those who are not eager for shopping can visit the Chinese theater, Chinese temples or dine in a Chinese restaurant - thereby, by the way, saving a little.

8. Spend a day at the Griffith Observatory

Firstly, the observatory is interesting in itself - it is such an interactive museum where you can touch the exhibits or find out what your weight on the moon will be. And by the way, the entrance inside is completely free. Secondly, the observatory is located in a very beautiful place - in the territory of Griffith Park (Griffith Park) on the southern slope of Mount Hollywood (Mount Hollywood). This mountain offers wonderful views of Los Angeles and the famous Hollywood sign. There are many vacationers in the park; have a picnic too.

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9. Discover Hollywood

Although Hollywood Boulevard is not so noticeable, it seems to be all the same - there are thousands of tourists every day. Take a walk around the boulevard there and back, peeking into souvenir shops and carefully walking around the Japanese who vigorously photograph celebrity names on the Avenue of Stars. Visit the Guinness World Records Museum and the Wax Museum. Wrap up at the Kodak Cinema, where the Academy Award is presented annually.

10. Refresh yourself with hockey at the Staples Center

Even if you are not a fan, the atmosphere of the Staples Center will captivate you. Staples Center is the home arena for the teams Los Angeles Kings (NHL), Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers, (NBA), Los Angeles Sparks (WNBA), Los Angeles Evangers "(AFL). Here - like in the movies - interactive with the audience is popular. So if the camera selects you and you see yourself on the big screen, do not be alarmed and do what you are told: you need to kiss your neighbor - kiss!

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