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10 things you should never do in an airplane toilet

Microbes are potentially harmful in an ordinary toilet. But put this toilet in the sky, reduce it and pump compressed air into it, and you will get an ideal environment for the reproduction and prosperity of germs. Writes about this Reader's Digest.

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Why bother

Breathing, drinking and eating are very important for a person, and two of these actions lead us to a famous room. Since most passengers will use the toilet on the flight, bacteria will inevitably accumulate quickly. Atmos Air vice president of aviation operations, Tony Abate, said bacteria can spread in three ways: from person to person, from person to surface, and through the air.

How does it work?

“Bacteria can attach to small particles of dust that are so small that most filtration systems cannot catch them,” says Abate. “From there, they recycle into space and infect people.” They can also be deposited on surfaces with which people interact.

Keep surfaces clean.

Rinse everything off as soon as possible (be sure to close the lid first). Also, make sure you have not used the last roll of toilet paper. If you have done this, notify the flight attendant and be sure to warn the next person. This is an additional measure of flight etiquette, and this makes visiting the toilet on the plane more comfortable for the next person in line.

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Retreat strategy

Knowing that all surfaces contain germs, avoid physical contact with the most frequently affected part: the door handle. Use a napkin to open the door when you exit. And then, without touching any objects, throw this napkin into the trash.

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Wait your turn

The last thing passengers want is to stand and wait in line for the toilet. Moreover, such lines also block passageways. But, if you think that you can sit until the last moment, and then quickly get into the toilet, then this is not so. It is better to take your place in the queue and wait.

Barefoot passengers and bacteria

Of course, airing your legs during a long flight is very nice, but if you do not want to get infected with anything, never go barefoot on the plane. The same goes for socks. And in no case do not go barefoot or in socks to the toilet. People on planes are also sick, and if someone is sick, then he usually runs into that very room.

Do not do unnecessary things in the toilet

If someone knocks you, it means you are either sitting on the toilet for too long, or the captain has turned on a sign requiring seat belts to be fastened. Use the toilet only for its intended purpose (plus wash your hands), and you can apply makeup and check e-mail outside this room.

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Wash your hands thoroughly

Try to do everything quickly in the toilet, with the exception of washing your hands. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends washing your hands for at least 20 seconds, then rinsing and drying thoroughly.

Count the time

Since the space in the plane is very valuable, especially in the aisles, try to plan the time for using the restroom as best as possible. If you can, avoid going there when the flight attendants rolled out trolleys of food and drink. Also be polite to your neighbors and try not to wake them up unnecessarily.

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Be ready

Those who try to avoid germs do not rely solely on hand washing. When you return to your place, you can use a hand sanitizer. Although such tools are not recommended to be used too often, you will be happy that you took it with you on the plane.

Do not watch when washing off

Have you ever noticed that the airflow in the toilet seat of a plane is much stiffer than in the bathrooms on the ground? Aggressive drainage releases particles or droplets into the air that can be spread by bacteria, viruses and germs. In the confined space of an airplane toilet, there is a much greater likelihood that these droplets can fall onto a nearby surface, after which a person can touch this surface or directly swallow droplets from the air - and become infected. When flushing in the toilet, be sure to close the toilet lid, this will stop small particles.

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Get on the toilet

If you are going to sit on the toilet without touching the seat, it is better to abandon this idea and sit down completely. In the event that you get into the turbulence zone when you are in the toilet, an unpleasant situation can happen. In addition, most of the transmission of microbes comes from the contact of your hands with other parts of your body, so if you sit on the toilet completely, you will touch less surfaces and reduce the likelihood of microbial infection.

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