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10 things that change in emigration without being noticed

Фото: Depositphotos

Фото: Depositphotos

Edition publishes the Kimberlinn Boyce blog. The author is known for often telling users about how life in emigration usually looks.

Here are the 10 things that inevitably change if you move to live abroad

We publish the text in the first person.

1. You are constantly learning a new language. And forget the old one

I am not an expert on how human brains work, but something tells me that if you stop speaking your native language, you will sooner or later forget it. At first, you will begin to understand more and more often and better what new compatriots are telling you about on the streets. Then you will rejoice at how quickly you learned a foreign language. A couple more months will pass, and you will already start thinking on it! Hence - a direct road to oblivion in relation to the Russian.

You will not forget to forget, when you get back to the Russian-speaking environment, you will once again perfectly express yourself in your own, but without constant support from the environment, you will become very stupid to make mistakes, say wild things like “put on pants” or “take the bus” (not by storm, but sit on him, in a sense).

2. Suitcase will not just be a convenient bag for things.

I thought that after I moved, my suitcases with things collected for the move would be gathering dust on the far shelf. I even thought: “What will I do with all these suitcases when I get settled?”. But I continue to use them even after years of life in exile.

The fact is that emigration seems to have freed me. I began to travel more and more. And get pleasure from it. I think with the majority of those of you who decide to change their place of residence, the same thing will happen: once you get out of the cage, you want to do it again and again.

Фото: Depositphotos

Фото: Depositphotos

3. This is not a trip. This is your Life!

You can live 5 abroad for years, then come home to visit relatives, and your friends, meeting you at the pub, will ask: “How is your trip?”. Sometimes I want to shout, “I'm not on a trip! I live there!". But they still will not understand.

Therefore, I always answer this question on this polite pattern: “So much has happened during these 3 years ... We can have lunch together sometime, and I will tell you my most vivid impressions!”.

4. You will always keep in mind the exchange rate

You can live in another country for 10 years, but you will still keep in mind the exchange rate. You will go to stores at home and in your new homeland and constantly compare prices. Now this habit is a part of you that you will never get rid of, no matter how much you want to.

5. The line between “normal” and “strange” will now and forever be a bit blurred.

Despite the fact that many believe that the world today is one global McDonald's, it is not. And every culture, even the neighboring ones, may have their own ideas about what is acceptable and what is not. Somewhere it is normal when young people kiss on the street, somewhere - not. In some places, ordinary people are calm about smoking marijuana, somewhere - no.

But what's really great is that understanding this difference makes you a much freer and more tolerant person.

6. Time is measured differently in different countries.

In America, you can not invite anyone to the cafe right today. There, people live by the calendar. And wildly rage every time they have to wait for someone longer than 5 minutes. But then you get used and adapt. Although you continue to marvel at how some people are fixated on time, while others do not even think about it.

7. The word "routine" will disappear from your vocabulary

Regardless of whether your life will develop in a new place as you planned or not, you will never be bored and “ordinary” there. A miracle will happen every day. One day, I spent the whole day paying all 2 utility bills. Now I'm not sure that tomorrow I will have electricity and water. This is so unpredictable ... I just always have a backup plan - in case the working day is ruined by the irresponsibility of local electricians.

In general, unexpected things abroad with you in any case will occur ten times more often than at home.

8. You will lose everything, but it won't matter much.

And here is the main argument against emigration, which is often mentioned in propaganda campaigns: no one needs you there. It's true. But I'll tell you a little secret: you are not needed anywhere at all. You only need yourself.

In fact, people are often afraid to move somewhere, because “they will be nobody there” or because they are afraid of losing their usual job and their usual social circle. I will say more. When you move, you will lose everything (except for the macbook and clothes) that you had. Habitual routes for walking. Family gatherings. Favorite shops. Favorite foods (if it is not Coke). And also smells, colors, weather and tastes.

On the other hand, it won't bother you. You will get the opportunity to not think about your social status or about what you are used to at home for at least some time (often - a couple of years). The new world will consume you completely. And you will understand that material success is not everything.

9. Now it will seem: "Everything is possible"

Now you know for sure: you can get together and get out of anywhere from anywhere for 1 day.

Start life from scratch? This thought now not only inspires me, but also comforts me. I know that you can always start over. Anything.

10. Everything will be different

At first, you will often feel humiliated ... You will have to ask (often strangers) people for help in the simplest situations. Every day everything will seem so complicated and unusual that sometimes it will even be scary.

But it will take a couple of months, and you get comfortable. And your heart will be overwhelmed with the feeling that you are capable of something much more than you thought.

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