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10 ways to spend time in Los Angeles when it's too hot outside

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According to forecasts for this week, in Los Angeles will be very hot. And we offer you a few ideas about what to do when it seems to you that the only way to escape is to stick your head in the freezer and hope that the heat will end someday.

  1. Visit the museum with air conditioning

First, you can use the heat as an excuse to go to the best museums in Los Angeles.

LACMA is a great place, since after 15: 00 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, admission is free for residents of Los Angeles County. You can also go to getty if you don't mind paying parking. In the case when your goal is a free trip, I suggest to start with this list of free museums and museum days In Los Angeles.

However, if you agree to at least one paid entrance, the best option is a pair of museums - the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum and the California Science Center at Exposition Park. Entrance to the Science Center is free, so if you can afford to buy a ticket to the Museum of Natural History, you will receive from four to six hours at these two institutions. And there is something to see, and everything is in the room!

  1. Hide in cinema

As a child, when the street was above 35 degrees Celsius, my mother insisted on spending the afternoon at the cinema (there was no air conditioning in the house). Surely you already know the nearest cinema in your area, but in Los Angeles there are also several cool retro theatersworth visiting. Why not use the heat as a reason to visit? Also, depending on the time and day of the session, in Los Angeles can find ticket theaters.

  1. Go shopping at the mall

Yes, shopping centers are now following in the footsteps of the dinosaurs, but a few still remain. For example, Westfields in Culver City and Sherman Oaks, Del Amo Fashion Center, Glendale Galleria, Montebello Mall, Lakewood Mall ... well, you get the idea.

The bottom line is to survive the heat by practicing good old American capitalism.

  1. Cool with ice cream

Our favorite ice cream shops are Scoops, Milk, Coolhaus, and Fosselman's... but in the heat of any institution.

  1. Go to the beach

This weather is not for nothing called the beach?

From South Bay to the Palisades, in Los Angeles County there is a multi-mile coast for relaxation, but we like the most Malibu treasures.

  1. Spend time at your local bookstore.

How about a little (or a lot) to read? Book stores can be a great haven during heat waves (provided they have air conditioning), and we have list of the best book places in Los Angeles for you.

  1. Have a drink at the rooftop bar

If you have survived the afternoon, the evening can be used to enjoy the brightest places in Los Angeles.

Here list of the best roof bars in the cityif you are ready to continue your adventures.

  1. Swim in the near water park

Waterparks are seasonal entertainment, but if the season suits you and you are ready to spend money on daytime entertainment, look Raging waters or Hurricane Harbor at Six Flags.

  1. Move west, young people

This is a very general recommendation, but if you live on the eastern edge of a city or valley, you'd better find a way and get to the western side of the city. Closer to the ocean it is much cooler.

Fortunately, there is a list of events already planned - for example, 17 ideas if you're in Santa Monica и 14 mandatory activities near Venice Beach. Take advantage of the opportunities and have fun! You can go shopping or museums, or see the hidden sights of these areas - in our lists you will definitely find something that you didn’t know about and that you never did.

  1. Turn on Netflix and relax

At some point, the heat can become so unbearable that nothing remains but to lie down on the sofa of your own air-conditioned apartment (if any). In that case, just decide what's enough for today, turn on the air conditioner and your favorite channel.

We recently discovered Bosch on amazon prime and watched it in just a few days (it's worth noting that this is one of the few TV shows in which the city of Los Angeles is truly depicted). We hope you find something to your taste - and you don’t have to leave your comfortable home.

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