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10 Soviet films that received recognition from the American Film Academy

Soviet and Russian cinema are famous for their depth and soulfulness, which is noticed by judges of even the most prestigious film competitions. Many films created in the Soviet Union and Russia received the iconic Oscar award.

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ForumDaily partner Russian interactive television eTVnet presents a selection of Soviet films nominated or awarded the most prestigious film award in the world - "Oscar».

"The defeat of German troops near Moscow", 1942 city

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Few know that for the first time Soviet filmmakers received recognition from the American Film Academy back in 1943. Then the tape, created in the USSR, won in the category "Documentary".

And now from watching this film "Defeat of German troops near Moscow" goosebumps; one can only imagine what a strong impression the film critics were when they watched the picture at the height of the Second World War. This film chronicle of those terrible days is a genuine historical document in which everything is unique, including the history of its creation.

The idea for the film belongs to Joseph Stalin. Fifteen teams of 258 cameramen worked under the direction of directors Leonid Varlamov and Ilya Kopalin. They began to create newsreels of the battles for Moscow in November 258, and in February of the following year the film was seen by Soviet viewers. Just a year later, the film was applauded by American colleagues, who called the work of the operators a feat. And this was not an exaggeration: out of XNUMX operators, one in five died.

"War and Peace", 1967

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"War and Peace" Bondarchuk is one of the most famous films of Soviet cinema, it is also one of the most beloved by the audience.

Sergey Bondarchuk devoted six years of his life to the painting, and the budget that was allocated for it was considered unheard of at that time. This is not surprising. Filming large-scale battle scenes couldn't be cheap. For example, for playback only Battle of Borodino I had to look for non-standard solutions: the movie camera was fixed on a cable car with a length of one hundred and twenty meters.

According to the recollections of the members of the film crew, the scene of Natasha's first ball was filmed by an operator ... on rollers. It is not without reason that it is famous for its dynamic atmosphere. The film received "Oscar"In the category" Best Foreign Language Film ", and the coveted statuette went to the USSR.

"The Brothers Karamazov", 1968

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The film was nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 1970.

This adaptation is worthy of a novel F.M. Dostoevsky... The film was the last work Ivan Pyreev, who died before the completion of the third episode of the film. Finished work on the film Cyril Lavrov и Mikhail Ulyanov... Many film critics call the picture Pyriev's main artistic achievement, and their opinion, fortunately, was shared by the film academics.

"Tchaikovsky", 1971

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Perhaps one of the best biographical film stories of its time about the life of one of the greatest composers in history, namely Petr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, belongs to the director Igor Talankinat. The script of the film is based on the correspondence between the composer himself and Baroness von Meck, who, as you know, played an important role in his life and work. The tape tells the story of the creation of such world-famous works as operas "Eugene Onegin" and "The Queen of Spades» The Nutcracker Ballet и First concert.

Biographical film story "ChaikovskyWas nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film and Best Soundtrack in 1972, but lost to Italy's Finzi-Contini Garden and Fiddler on the Roof, respectively.

"Dersu Uzala", 1976

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The history of Soviet cinema is full of amazing facts. For example, did you know that in 1976 a joint Soviet-Japanese film "Dersu Uzala" was created based on the works of the researcher of the Far East Vladimir Arsenyev?

And that its director was not someone, but himself Akira Kurosawa?

As you know, this famous director strove for perfectionism in everything. During filming, the scenery had to be so perfect that if leaves fell from the trees during the night, the director insisted that they be attached to the branches in the morning.

His pedantry did not go unnoticed. The film received "Oscar"In 1976 in the category" Best Foreign Language Film ".

“Moscow Doesn’t Believe in Tears”, 1979

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No matter how many films have been made about provincial women conquering the capital, none of them reaches the popularity of the picture "Moscow does not believe in tears". By 1980, it had been watched (and re-watched) by over 90 million viewers.

Vladimir Menshov says that he initially did not want to work on the film. We suppose he's glad he changed his mind. The film not only became the leader of the distribution in the USSR, but also received the love of the world viewer and the recognition of film academics.

Unfortunately, the Soviet citizen Menshov was not allowed to go to the States to receive an American award. Moreover, according to the director, he learned that the film won the prestigious award from the evening news release. It will take almost twenty years before Menshov can pick up the coveted statuette.

"Cow", 1989

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Animated film "Cow"is a film adaptation of the story Andrey Platonov, in which the writer explores the feelings of a boy who first learned what the death of a loved one is. The amazing work of the cartoonist Alexandra Petrova incredibly subtly conveys the fears and fantasies of a child, and therefore in 1990 was deservedly awarded a nomination in the category "Best Animated Short Film".

"Mermaid", 1996

Talking about creativity Alexandra Petrova, one cannot fail to mention his other work, which also received a nomination for a prestigious award. Film "Mermaid”Tells the story of a monk and a young novice who could not resist temptation. In this animated film, the artist explores the theme of atonement and forgiveness. Result: Oscar nomination for Best Animated Short Film 1998.

"The Old Man and the Sea", 1999

And ending the story of the victorious march of animated films Alexandra Petrova, let's talk about his famous cartoon "The Old Man and the Sea". This adaptation of the story Ernest Hemingway took the director two years and was done in the "painting on glass" technique. For this work in 2000, the artist finally received the coveted statuette.

"Leviathan", 2014

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The picture should have been completely different. Initially, director Zvyagintsev wanted to tell the story of a desperate American worker, Chimeyer, who locked himself in a bulldozer and destroyed a factory building whose management was about to take his house away from him. However, the director realized that this plot was universal and transferred the action of his film to Russia. The story of the hero of this social drama is the story of the biblical Job, and the ruthless state machine is the sea monster known as Leviathan.

The film won 14 awards and 24 nominations, including the 2015 Oscar in the Best Foreign Language Film category.

In addition to these pictures, film academics have noted in different years such films as "Burnt by the Sun", "The Dawns Here Are Quiet", "White Bim Black Ear", «Private life","Military field novel"," Urga - the territory of love ","Prisoner of the Caucasus","Thief", "12".

"War-field novel." Photo: eTVnet

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