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10 tips from American bloggers on how to keep their bodies in good shape. A PHOTO

The founders of the Tone It Up project, Karena Don and Katrina Scott, became popular thanks to their social media accounts Instgramwhere they already have a total of over a million subscribers.

In order to look great in the summer when many go to the ocean to sunbathe and swim, Karen and Katrina offer to follow the 10 rules. It also offers an explosive series of physical exercises.

1. Pamper yourself

As a so-called reward program, the girls suggest choosing something fun from their summer wardrobe that you would like to purchase, such as a bikini or a dress with a low cut on the back. Set aside a few dollars each day so that you don't forget your “goal”.

2. Eat vegetables

The instructor tandem notes that a healthy diet is needed - “green vegetables and lean proteins”. They even launched the hashtag #LCG for healthy food ideas. The recipes they recommend can be found here.

3. Protein shake

A high protein smoothie is indispensable for the metabolism to be at the required level. Thanks to protein, you burn calories while eating, says Karen and Katrina. To make it, it is enough to mix in a blender 1 a glass of coconut water, 1 a spoonful of frozen blueberries, half a banana and 1 a spoon organic protein GMO free.

4. Physical training

A series of exercises called HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is useful for improving heart function and toning the entire body. Trainers advise doing these exercises one to two times a week. Each exercise must be done 2-3 times within a minute.

Raise your hands alternately.

Raise your hands alternately up. Photo: Tone It Up

Jump up from your position on your bent knees. Photo: Tone It Up

Jump out of position on bent knees. Photo: Tone It Up

Lift the right and left foot alternately out of this position. A photo:

Lift the right and left foot alternately out of this position. Photo: Tone It Up

Exercise "Bicycle" - left knee up, turn the body from right to left and vice versa. A photo:

Exercise "Bicycle" - left knee up, turn the body from right to left and vice versa. Photo: Tone It Up

5. Cardio training

They are called the fastest and most effective weight management method for building a beautiful body, and there are many different cardio training options. “You can go for a brisk hike with a friend or girlfriend, go cycling, attend a dance class, or just swim in the ocean. The main thing is movement, ”the girls say.

6. Stretching

For high-quality stretching, which must be done daily, you can use a foam pad. According to the instructors, this exercise is good for circulation and flexibility. Exercise should be done regularly to improve muscle performance.

7. Drink water

Water is the key to success. Not only in terms of fitness, but also in terms of caring for your skin. “Often times, when you're hungry, your body is dehydrated. Drink as much water as possible, especially when you are exercising or it is very hot outside.

There is no need to completely exclude alcohol, but everything is good in moderation. Photo: Instagram / toneitup

8. Entertainment

Exercise alone is not enough to feel toned. Go to a yoga class with friends or just walk around the city, and then you will not even notice the full complexity of the constant workouts.

9. Watch for drinks

Fortunately, there is no need to completely eliminate alcohol from the diet of people who are exercising. “At some point you may realize you want a cocktail, or maybe two or three. And that's okay, ”the instructors say, advising their recipe. Spicy Señorita Margarita with fresh grapefruit juice, jalapeno and tequila.

10. Find a partner

According to Karena and Katrina, it is important to find a reliable training partner, who, for example, will cheer you up at the right time with an SMS message. The motivational component is one of the key ones. Community Ton it up already has about 328 thousands of people.

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