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10 Hidden Falls in Southern California, breathtaking

There is nothing more useful and enjoyable than going out into the nature and enjoying the breathtaking scenery. Although Southern California is not famous for its waterfalls, residents and guests of the state may be pleasantly surprised by their presence.

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Edition Only In Your State prepared a list of 10 secret waterfalls in Southern California.

1. Eaton canyon falls

The waterfall hid near Pasadena on the Eaton Canyon trail.

2. Escondido falls

Malibu can offer more than just sand and beaches. This stunning waterfall is hidden by the Winding Way Trail in the Santa Monica Mountains.

3. Sturtevant falls

The route, located in the canyon of Santa Anita, is about 9 miles (14 km). After a long day in the forest there is nothing more picturesque than a cascade of water falling from a height of 50 feet (15,24 m).

4. Holy jim falls

This calming waterfall can be seen in Orange County along the St. Jim Trail.

5. Heart rock falls

An ideal place for Valentine's Day!

6. Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanical Garden

Such a beautiful paradise is located in Arcadia, California. A great way to escape the bustle of the city.

7. Paradise falls

Located in Thousand Oaks, this stunning waterfall can be leisurely explored during an 2-hour walk through Wildwood Park.

8. Fish canyon falls

What a pleasant surprise to find this hidden treasure while walking along the Fish Canyon trail near Duarte. The trail is open year round, making it an ideal place to relax at any time of the year.

9. Cedar creek falls

A hiking trail runs in Ramona outside of San Diego. It is better to come here in spring, winter and autumn.

10. Tahquitz falls

Miscellaneous California recreation Educational program waterfalls

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