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10 US regions with the highest unemployment rate

The number of jobs lost due to the coronavirus continues to rise. And the last weekly total number of Americans who applied for unemployment benefits again surpassed 880. According to the latest figures, the total number of jobless claims is almost 60 million. Writes about it Yahoo! Finance.

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In some states, the unemployment rate has reached 20%. Hawaii currently suffers from the worst employment picture, with the country's leading unemployment rate at 22%, according to the latest Department of Labor report that breaks down the insured unemployment rate (the ratio of people receiving unemployment benefits divided by the labor force) until August 20,3. ...

In the United States in Puerto Rico, it grew from 16,1% to 16,7%, taking second place. Nevada, New York and California round out the top five worst labor markets with unemployment rates exceeding 14,5%, well above the national average of 9,1% for the same week ended Aug. 22.

State ranking by unemployment rate:

  • Hawaii - 20,3%
  • Puerto Rico - 16,7%
  • Nevada - 16%
  • New York - 14,9%
  • California - 14,8%
  • Connecticut - 14,7%
  • Louisiana - 13,2%
  • Virgin Islands - 12,6%
  • Georgia - 12,2%
  • District of Columbia - 11,5%

Compared to pre-pandemic levels, these unemployment rates are markedly higher than before. At the time, Alaska was leading the country with an unemployment rate of just 2,9%. While it is now high in the hardest-hit states, it is still marginally better than peaks seen months earlier. For example, in Nevada, the unemployment rate improved by more than 10 percentage points, to 16%, from 27% in the week ending May 9.

Earlier analysis of unemployment claims data showed that some states are recovering faster than others, but all are still grappling with various economic constraints related to curbing the spread of the coronavirus.

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