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10 The Biggest Risks of Southern California

It's no secret that Southern California is one of the best places on earth to live. There are many things you can fall in love with in this piece of paradise: whether it's the perfect weather all year round or the magnificent scenery in all directions.

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But even life in paradise has its risks. The Only In Your State edition points out 10 things worth paying attention to in SoCal.

1. Fires

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Every year when the bushfire season hits, the people of the state are ready for it. All it takes is one spark, and an entire house or even an entire neighborhood can easily be at risk.

2. Mountain lion

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When it comes to mountain lions, locals know where to find these aggressive animals. It doesn't matter if these wild cats roam the Santa Monica Mountains or cross the canyons, this is the only animal in Southern California that everyone would prefer not to meet.

3. Road construction

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Southern California is famous for the construction of roads, so always leave enough time to get to your destination. At SoCal, you will never know when you meet another detour while driving.

4. Pits on the road

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Given the volume of road construction around Southern California, you might think that the roads here are in excellent condition. Unfortunately, it is not. Most drivers and pedestrians encounter potholes on freeways, side roads, and many streets.

5. Sunburn

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Outdoor activities can result in sunburn. That is why locals always use sunscreen before leaving home.

6. Rattlesnakes

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For those who like to spend time outdoors in SoCal, going outside is fraught with some risks. Especially in certain parts of the state where rattlesnakes are found. Always be on the lookout for an unexpected encounter with a rattlesnake.

7. Anger on the road

In Southern California, it’s impossible to stay calm while driving.

8. Motorcyclists

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Traffic on the road in the state is already not easy, but motorcyclists add the most juice. They are especially aggressive on the roads and love to drive at high speeds.

9. Drought

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After a long dry season, the risk of drought is extremely high. Residents need to limit water consumption during peak hours or even stop watering lawns and plants.

10. Earthquakes

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There is no need to worry about hurricanes or tornadoes, but earthquakes prevent relaxation.

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