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10 pleasant things you can get from airlines

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Usually the best deals during the flight are first class passengers. But sometimes some nice things are available to economy class travelers.

The list of such collected edition Go Banking Rates.

1. Bikini flight attendants

If you are flying VietJet, then you have the chance to see a show of flight attendants in a bikini right during the flight.

This offer is not valid on all flights, but the dates and directions of the show can be tracked on the company's website.

2. Nanny for the child

Crying children create problems during flights to their parents and other passengers. People traveling with children in Etihad Airways, can get help with caring for babies according to the program Flying nannywhich is valid during long flights. This program applies to tickets of all classes.

3. Cocktails and cooling pads

In addition to a wide selection of beers, wines and spirits, United Airlines offers its customers cocktails Bloody Marys and Mimosas on the morning flights. They also have a cooling pad with gel, but this service is provided for business class passengers.

4. Coffee shop and chef on board

Austrian Airlines offers a service Flying coffee houseand a large selection of beer for business class passengers on long-haul flights. The carrier also offers a service. Flying chef from the DO&CO catering company with gourmet meals for passengers.

5. Remarkable terminals

Some airlines offer first class passengers exclusive access to their own lounges - for example, Lufthansa It has a separate terminal at Frankfurt Airport, although few are aware of this.

This terminal includes a full bar and restaurant as well as many other amenities.

6. Jedi airplanes

ANA (All Nippon Airways) has several aircraft equipped with a Star Wars theme. These airplanes are decorated with cups, napkins and head restraints. Star Wars.

7. Special offers from JetBlu

Company JetBlue offers premium tours Mintwhere you can try delicious culinary offers, as well as wines and ice cream from the best specialized institutions in the United States.

8. Free beer and wine

Adult passengers on board Alaska Airlines can get one free beer or glass of wine on flights that last more than an hour. The selection of drinks includes wines from California and Alaska.

9. Free baggage allowance

Many airlines offer free baggage registration for members of their loyalty program. For example, similar proposals have Delta SkyMiles.

10. Free flights for friends

Southwest Airlines offers Companion Passin which one passenger from the company can fly for free, with the exception of a $ 5,60 charge.

Loyalty Program Members Southwest's Rapid Rewards get a similar opportunity after scoring 110 thousands of miles.

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