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Personal experience of an immigrant: 10 advantages of living in America

Blog author “Elena in America”Decided to share my experiences and observations about life in America. She has compiled a list of 10 pluses of living in this country.

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1. Friendliness and smile

Wherever you go, they will be at least polite with you, and will also be greeted with a smile, even if on duty. According to studies, a smile raises the mood (not only for others, but for oneself), reduces stress, positively affects immunity and prolongs life. You get used to it quite quickly and soon you walk yourself and willingly give those around you a smile.

2. Compliments

I decided to highlight it as a separate item - American women do not hesitate to accept and give compliments to your eyes, hair, earrings, purse, shoes, etc. And you will learn this too, whether you like it or not, after a while. It boosts mood and self-esteem very well.

3. Respect personal boundaries

As it’s fashionable to say now, they don’t mess with unsolicited advice and indecent questions and are more focused on their problems and the life of their family than on your personality.

4. Cultural diversity

Restaurants of national cuisines, exotic holidays, languages ​​from around the world and the first-hand opportunity to learn about how it lives in different parts of the world.

5. The atmosphere itself in the Americasе

It can not be described in words. You must really come and feel all that freedom of expression and do not care about your appearance.

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6. Pretty high standard of living

No, this is far from an ideal country, there are many disadvantages here, and you also have to work hard to provide for yourself and your family, but the majority still belongs to the middle class. And no matter what they say, the Americans don’t know what it means to “survive” for a penny wage for the position for which he received higher education.

7. Shopping

Permanent discounts on one or the other in various stores: now for Christmas, then after Christmas, for Halloween and Valentine's Day, for Columbus Day and President's Day. No reason? Then let it be a sale by the end of the season! It is most profitable to buy American brands here.

8. Natural diversity

There are mountains and deserts, seas and palms, canyons and endless steppes, and most importantly, everything can be easily reached (especially if you are driving). Almost everything will be equipped with entrances for people with disabilities, benches and toilets. Tourism departments are doing a good job of promoting tourism in different states.

9. Life in small towns

No matter how tiny the settlement is, its inhabitants will certainly find what or whom to be proud of. They organize some kind of holiday or festival in support of their uniqueness: they will entertain residents, attract neighbors, and earn money.

10. English

Nevertheless, most of us taught him at school and in the slightest degree can at least read, write, and tell about ourselves. For me, English is love from adolescence, a profession, and I enjoy living in the environment of the language.

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