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10 regarding honest ways to stay in the US (9, 10 ways - illegal or witness in a high-profile case)


In the last part of our saga about ten ways, like, having arrived in the USA, to stay here, we tell about two most adventurous and dangerous ones: to be illegal and wait for a miracle (amnesty, marriage, categories political refugee) or become a witness / victim in a high-profile case.

A list of all ten ways see here..

  1. Stay illegal and wait for amnesty

To suit: desperate offenders;

How long to get: not known exactly;

Difficulty level: tall;

How much is: unclear.

It is important to know:

- may be deported without the right to enter for a period of three to ten years;

- it is impossible to work legally (and illegally - pay less);

- you can not make a driver's license and open a bank account;

- It is impossible to apply to the court, the police and for an official certificate.


Seven of ten americans countthat there should be an official way of legalization in the country, but with the proviso that we are talking about young and qualified illegal immigrants.

Last year, US President Barack Obama announced new rules that illegal immigrants can legally remain in the United States if they:

  • arrived in the US before 16 years, and now they are up to 30;
  • lived here for at least five years;
  • at least they graduated from school or are now studying there (or managed to serve in the army);
  • did not commit offenses.

Many American politicians broke spears on the topic of illegal immigrants. All US presidential candidates from both Republicans and Democrats have already managed speak out on this.

According to expertsThere are about eleven million illegal immigrants in the country who can become an additional source of votes in elections.

The current US President Barack Obama two years ago decided to carry out immigration reform, even without the approval of Congress.

“Millions of immigrants – in every state, of different races and nationalities – are living here illegally,” said Obama in a televised address to the people last year. – And let's be honest: identifying, catching and deporting millions of people is unrealistic. Those who tell you otherwise are lying.”

Then he, bypassing the congress, carried out a reform, with the help of which he allowed the so-called generation to be legalized “Dreamers”.

Obama would like to extend the “amnesty” to other categories of illegal immigrants who were brought into the United States by children, as well as their illegal parents, but predominantly the republican congress does not allow. In addition, Obama would like to speed up the consideration of cases of illegal immigrants, and if you deport them, then first of all the criminals and the new arrivals.

If Obama does not have time to carry out his plans before the end of his term of office, perhaps the next Democrat president will be able to do this.

One of the main contenders is Hillary Clinton.


In turn, one of the main Republican presidential candidates, Donald Trump, intends to expel all illegal immigrants from the country. “We will not separate families, but illegal immigrants must leave the United States, even if they have nowhere to return. It's a matter of survival - it's us or them,” Trump told the TV channel. NBC.

He also promised to review Obama’s last year immigration reform and tighten the immigration process as a whole.

Anyway, within the framework of existing laws, a “hardened illegal” can be legalized only by reuniting with the family, entering into marriage with a US citizen, or becoming a participant or witness in a high-profile case (U visa).


In the most famous Russian district of New York - Brighton Beach - everyone knows the story of the “jeweler Vova” (we don’t name the name for ethical reasons).

He not only lived in the United States for twenty years, being an illegal, but also started a family, children and a successful jewelry business, whose products are still sold in the most expensive boutiques in Manhattan.

Previously, the rules for opening a business were less stringent, so the jeweler managed to create an enterprise and pay taxes, being an illegal.

“Jeweler Vova”, although illegal, never lurked. “He loved to walk in a big way, he had drunk parties and got behind the wheel while intoxicated,” says his acquaintance from Brighton Beach, who wished to remain anonymous. It was at the last that the jeweler caught the police. This was followed by the deportation - neither the business, nor the house and the family, nor the taxes paid regularly, saved. The jeweler has been looking for opportunities to return for several years, but so far without success.

Charles Reuters, an immigration lawyer from Washington (AmLaw Group) explains that such as “jeweler Vova”, there is not much hope for an amnesty. According to him, Obama’s last year’s generosity is unlikely to ever be repeated, and American politicians will not soon weaken immigration laws.

However, the deportation can be challenged. “Still, there are ways to return to the US,” says Reuters. According to him, the winning strategy can be this: to refer to the fact that the deportation will be a serious test for family members who are US citizens (for example, spouse, children, parents will lose the sole breadwinner).

Speech on the petition “I - 601 waiver ”, which allows the illegal to return to America in an already legal status.

The process is not easy, but it provides a real chance to start from scratch. If a person has not yet been deported, the difficulty lies in the fact that he must undergo this procedure at the US consulate in his homeland. That is, to leave the United States without a guarantee that he will be allowed back.

Reuters and other immigration lawyers are not in a hurry to take such "cases".

10. Become a witness or a victim in a high-profile case

To suit: victims or witnesses of high-profile cases;

How long to get: up to one year;

Difficulty level: tall;

How much is: $ 500 - $ 2500;

It is important to know:

— with a U visa you can stay in the states for up to four years;

- there will be a work permit;

— after three years you can get a green card;

- You can ask for state assistance and benefits, visas for the family;

- there are quotas - 10 thousand people per year (last year 26 thousand applied).


You can apply for a U-visa for both victims and witnesses, or people who have information that is important for the investigation.

The list of crimes is quite wide; it includes both serious crimes (such as abductions, the slave trade and rape), and domestic violence, perjury and blackmail.


Private investigator Steve Dudnik (General Investigation Services) had previously worked in law enforcement agencies in the United States and more than once faced with high-profile cases.

As a rule, illegal immigrants are afraid to go to the police for fear of deportation. The task of the detective is to act as a security guarantor. According to Dudnik, even if the information of the victim or the witness was not serious enough, the police will not be satisfied with the problems of this illegal: such is the agreement between the detectives and the law enforcement officers.

In the most notorious cases, witnesses are helped not only with a visa and legalization, but they also change their name, place of residence, or hide for a while.

Angelica describes a case: a girl who worked for the owners of a nightclub in Miami turned to him. She had to "breed" wealthy clients on the bar, blackmail them and use their credit cards several times. “The girl, who feared for her status, was in America illegally, so she was afraid to go to the police, but she brought this information to me. My task was, as in other similar cases, to make it so that she would not be threatened with deportation, and she could help the investigation to bring these scammers to clean water, ”remembers Dudnik.

According to him, this is a classic: illegal immigrants report on their employers, and violation of labor laws is a very serious crime in America. “These are about such categories [of illegal immigrants] and they can claim to apply for this type of visa,” the detective sums up.

If the method of obtaining the coveted card is selected, then the procedure should be.

In the following materials we will talk about the medical commission, which must be passed to all who applied for a green card, as well as about fingerprints and interviews, which precede its receipt.

Come to our group on immigration, where you can ask for advice and share experiences - we are already 5000 people.

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