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Ten US national parks with the most unusual and scenic views

The United States is famous for its amazing nature. Many national parks have been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The author of the channel offers to discover the subjective rating of the most beautiful places in the USA. "Suitcases on PilgrimStore.RU" on "Yandex.Zen".

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Do not limit your trip - try to get out here for several weeks at once. You will have time to see many sights and feel the spirit of this country. Proper luggage is the key to a successful trip. You will need a large suitcase on wheels for the main part of things and a small travel bag for smaller items.

1. Mamontov cave system

The Mammoth Cave or the Mamontov Cave System is the largest cave in the world. It is located in the Mammoth Cave National Park in the central eastern US state of Kentucky, approximately 45 km northeast of Bowling Green. The cave attracts tourists not only with its size, but also with traces of the pre-Columbian culture found inside, that is, traces of ancient Indian tribes. This is not the only cave in this park: it is estimated that the system of halls and corridors cut down in limestone rocks is about 591 km (only 214 km belongs to the park). You can visit other caves, for example, Crystal, see the underground lake, the ecosystem of two rivers and more than 200 species of animals,

Mammoth Cave National Park was listed on the UNESCO List in 1981.

2. Carlsbad Caverns

Visiting Carlsbad Caves National Park, located in southeast New Mexico, you can see the world's largest underground chambers belonging to Carlsbad Cave. It was created about 250 million years ago, and opened in 1920, but still remains a mystery to scientists. Only 50 km of its corridors were inspected. The most interesting object, of course, is the largest cave chamber - the Great Hall, located at a depth of 230 m. It is decorated with stalactites, stalagmites, columns, draperies and crystals, which creates an unusual image of the underworld. Bats live here - Mexican molosses that leave the entire cave at sunset. This is an amazing sight.

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3. Crater Lake

The blue shade of crystal clear water and the surrounding walls of the crater will amaze every tourist. Crater Lake is located in the caldera - hollow that arose after the collapse of the Mazan Mountain. Its depth is more than 500 m, and its width is about 10 km, which makes it the deepest lake in the world, located at an altitude of more than 2000 m above sea level. This place is located in Oregon, in Crater Lake National Park.

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4. Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge is one of the largest natural bridges in the world. It is located in the eastern United States, southern Utah, about 20 km from Mount Navajo. This wonder of the world was caused by erosion of sandstone under the influence of water flowing from the Navajo Mountains. The bridge is 94 m long, 10 m wide and connects the banks of the gorge at a distance of 85 m from each other. At the highest point, the bridge has a height of 88 m. Depending on the time of day, it has unusual colors - purple-pink or red-brown. Navajo is a sacred place for the Indians.

5. Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon on the Colorado Plateau in northwestern Arizona is perhaps the most visited city in the United States (of course, when it comes to nature). It is estimated that more than a million tourists visit it every year. The vast expanse of the canyon, formed over the course of 6 million years by the Colorado River, can be seen from easily accessible tourist platforms (for example, the Skywalk glass bridge, located 20 meters from the edge of the cliff) while walking, as well as from a helicopter. The entire territory is protected and located within the Grand Canyon National Park - one of the oldest national parks in the United States.

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6. Devil's Tower

The majestic huge basalt rock visible at a distance of several kilometers, called the Devil's Tower, lies on the Belle Fursch River, not far from the city of Ulette, in the eastern part of Wyoming. This is a volcanic invasion, that is, a heap of hardened magma 386 m high from the base and a relative height of 1558 m above sea level. The Devil's Tower became the first national monument in the United States.

7. Yellowstone (Yellowstone Park)

This is the first national park located in the northeastern United States, in the states of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. This is the territory with the highest concentration of geothermal forms in the world. There are 60% of all geysers in the park, the most famous being Old Vaitul. In addition to geysers, hot springs, valleys and mountain ranges, Yellowstone Park is also known for its wonderful fauna. The huge stripes of the Rocky Mountains are a haven for grizzly bears, wolves and bison.

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8. Yosemite Valley

Sierra Nevada National Park - Yosemite - covers an area of ​​3000 square meters. km This place is characterized by a postglacial mountain landscape with lakes, gorges, valleys, waterfalls. The Yosemite Valley, lying in the central part of the park, is U-shaped, and its slopes are created by stone walls that form rocky rapids for two waterfalls: Nevada and Vernal. The glacial valley is surrounded by the peaks of the Sierra Nevada mountains, exceeding 4300 m above sea level. Mammoth trees and giant red forests grow here, including one of the oldest giant grizzly trees on earth. Yosemite Valley is the world's largest glacial canyon.

Yosemite National Park was listed by UNESCO in 1984.

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9. Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon, or Corkscrew Canyon, is located in the Arizona Navajo Reserve. It is one of the most visited and photographed places in the USA. It is best to visit this place in the morning, because under the influence of light, the sandstone that forms them sparkles with beautiful flowers. The canyon was formed over millions of years as a result of leaching of sandstone by flash floods.

10. Fly Geyser

Extremely picturesque, fabulously colorful - this can be described as a geyser that originated in Nevada, in the Hualapai Valley. It was founded in 1916 as a result of human activities - in the search for groundwater.

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