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10 myths about Americans, with whom you will say goodbye, having moved to the USA

During my life in the States, I said goodbye to many of my stereotypes and prejudices about Americans. Here is just one of them: in the States they eat one fast food, and therefore there are many overweight people.

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1 Myth: All Americans are Workaholics

I lived a long time with faith in this myth. Until I started working with Americans and realized that they did not come to work early in order to work longer. And in order to leave early.

People in the US often start working days at 7: 00 and leave for 15: 00. Staying after work to finish things is not about Americans at all. Work at an inopportune time is possible only for an additional fee or is compensated by days off.

2 Myth: Overweight People in the US

This is probably the most common prejudice about Americans. Of course, I can not vouch for the whole of America, but this is definitely not about Seattle. The vast majority of people here are involved in sports, running around and manicly watching food. Almost every high-rise building has a gym, which is open to all tenants, and that’s not counting the countless network sports clubs.

But sometimes you can meet very fat people. They are equated with people with disabilities, and they move in automated wheelchairs. Bus drivers help them to call in and even lower the bus lower if a full person is without a wheelchair.

Here in the same Washington state, only 27,7% of people with overweight - this makes it one of the states with the lowest number of people with overweight in the country.

3 Myth: America has a good tax system

In Russia, the company fills in taxes for you, and you don’t even see all this paperwork. In the US, once a year in the spring, everyone starts to go crazy, because it’s time to fill out a tax return. Everyone has to do it himself, and many locals give birth to their financier, who does it for them, and pays him $ 400 for such a service.

The 4 Myth: There are many educated people in the USA

Few people know, but in the USA there are not many people with higher education, and the magistracy usually enters several years after the end of the bachelor degree.

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There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, the high cost of training in the magistracy. Many young people are forced to take large loans to continue their studies. Therefore, before entering the magistracy, they pause to make a choice. Secondly, to get on this or that specialty, you must first accumulate hours on it, and only then submit an application.

5 myth: women are socially protected

Yes, indeed, women are protected in some aspects here - try only to raise a hand or some hint of harassment you can afford, you will be punished to the fullest extent of the law and even more.

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There is a huge "but": in the US there is almost no maternity leave. Duration and compensation depend on the originally signed contract with the company. Most often maternity leave lasts no more than a month.

In transnational corporations, it can even go up to six months, but no one guarantees the preservation of the workplace. Of course, many women are completely unhappy with this state of affairs.

6 Myth: There is no bureaucracy in America

Alas, there is. Government agencies are working with long delays and disruptions. My friends were forced to not go to work because of paperwork and could not fly out of the country. I myself was mistakenly extended the wrong visa, which is why I almost lost my work permit and got stuck in Russia for the 3 month.

Myth 7: Americans eat one fast food

Stories about the strongest love of Americans for fast food is not entirely true. All sorts of McDonald's, KFC, Burger King, Subway and similar places here are not held in high esteem. In Seattle, there are almost none. They are mainly scattered along the country tracks, because they usually feed on two categories of people: those who drive and are in a hurry, and those who are very tight with money.

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But burgers and sandwiches can be found in the menu of almost every restaurant and even choose the degree of roasting meat. Such high-quality burgers are almost like a regular dish from the menu - sometimes the price reaches $ 20. So it is not so and “fast”, and not so bad.

8 Myth: America has the best healthcare system

Here, of course, modern equipment, service and technology. But what is happening with the cost of medical care and insurance, confuses even the employees of the medical sector. There is no compulsory medical insurance in America, but there are a huge number of different programs.

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At best, the employer pays insurance. At worst, you buy it yourself or you live without it at your own risk. But even if there is insurance, before starting a particular medical procedure it is not known how much it will ultimately cost. After the treatment, the insurance company and the clinic agree on how much your insurance plan will cover, and how much you will pay from your pocket. And sometimes you have to pay extra sums.

Another complication: in the US pharmacy, nothing can be bought without a prescription, except for the most common means. When I scalded the stomach with boiling water, the only thing I was sold was aloe. If you want real medicine, then go to the doctor, and the record is usually two weeks.

The myth of 9: everyone is always polite and welcoming

That would be true if I were a tourist. When it comes to service and the workmanship of an employee depends on his workplace - everyone is immaculately nice. However, hiding behind the wheel of his car, and Americans like to be rude: stick out the middle finger in the window, swear, park in two places at once. Security guards in the United States are also no different courtesy. I would even say that they are often overly aggressive for no reason.

The myth of 10: celebrities stroll along the “Avenue of Stars” in Los Angeles, and expensive boutiques around

When I first visited the Alley of Stars, I was very disappointed. I imagined that this is a place with chic architecture, expensive boutiques and strolling celebrities. In fact, the tourists are walking along the “Walk of Stars”, there is not a single boutique here, only souvenir shops, fast food restaurants, and several cinemas. However, having lived a little in America, I fell in love with this place, even though it is completely different from what I had once imagined.

As you can see, on TV we are often shown only one side of the medal, but in fact most often it is only a half-truth. As elsewhere, there are many interesting and positive discoveries in America, but there are quite a few pitfalls and little disappointments.

The original column is published in Instagram Karina Kudinova.

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