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10 places on Earth where people will not be allowed even for huge money

Underground bunkers, secret zones, entire islands and underground laboratories - all this causes great interest and is surrounded by a mass of secrets and mysteries. Edition "I and the World" has compiled a list of the most forbidden places in our world, where even the richest and most influential people are prohibited.

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1. Snake Island

Located in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the island of Keymada Grande is very close to the coast of Brazil. This is the only place where one of the most poisonous snakes on our planet lives - island botrops. To preserve their population, the island was closed forever.

However, when the ban was imposed, the authorities thought not only about the endangered species, but also about people, because visiting this place can be fraught with serious consequences - at least one snake per square meter.

2. Worldwide seed storage

A huge bunker located in Norway. Its depth reaches 140 meters, and the security features are simply impressive. And for good reason, because about one hundred thousand million seeds of various crops are stored inside. The storage was created in case of any serious disasters that will be global in nature. Each country has its own compartment.

3. Tomb of Qin Shi Huang-di

Discovered in 1974, the tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huang-di was never printed. There were many activists who opposed its discovery, citing the fact that during excavations, things invaluable to science and history can be destroyed or damaged.

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4. Surtsey Island

It is located near Iceland and was formed due to eruptions of several underwater volcanoes at once. It exists since 1963 and has an area of ​​not more than 3 square kilometers. Its occurrence aroused no small interest among scientists from around the world. Surtsey Island is a clear model of how life began on our planet, and in order not to interfere with this process, outsiders there is closed.

5. Zone 51

Until 2013, the US government has carefully denied any facts and rumors about a certain zone 51, claiming that there is nothing like that in their country. Now, this is the most closed and mysterious military base on the planet. It is located 135 km from Las Vegas (Nevada) and is an ideal place to test both new weapons and new military developments. According to unconfirmed information, the zone was formed at the crash site of a spaceship of an alien origin and because of this, they tried so hard to hide it from the whole world.

6. North Sentinel Island

Located off the coast of India and is closed due to the aborigines living on it. Until now, civilization has not touched them, so the Indian government decided not to interfere in the life of the tribe. But even when there was a powerful tsunami that covered the island and helicopters were sent from the mainland to help, the natives showered them with a hail of arrows, which only confirmed the position not to interfere in their lives.

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7. Lasko Cave

A unique natural phenomenon located in France. On the walls of the cave are unusual and unique drawings, which are more than 17 thousand years old. For a long time, Lascaux Cave was a great place for excursions, but soon the images began to disappear. It was possible to establish that the reason for this is carbon dioxide exhaled by humans, so the cave was closed from visits.

8. Morgan Island

The coast of South Carolina has a rather dangerous place and this is the island of Morgan. About 5 thousand individuals of the same species live on it. They came here through the efforts of people from Puerto Rico, and if initially some were infected with herpes, now every primate is the carrier of the disease. People are strictly forbidden to appear on the island, because this can cause subsequent diseases.

9. Vatican Secret Archive

The Pope has an innumerable amount of literature, which is included in his private archive, located within the walls of the Vatican in Rome. Only the length of the shelving is 90 kilometers. According to information, which, unfortunately, there is no way to confirm, about half of the books and materials are collections of occult literature from around the world.

10. Niihau Island

Since the end of the 18th century, this island has been owned by the Robinson family and they do not let anyone in their neighbors. There are no civilization benefits on the island, such as: internet, mobile communications, roads, cars and shops. Electricity is generated from alternative sources. If one of the relatives left the island, then he can return to it only by invitation.

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