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Ten Best Online Game Sites for Learning English

Do you like games? We think that every English learner wants the learning process to be as easy and fun as his favorite game. We also believe that it is necessary to learn English with pleasure, so today we offer you 10 sites with collections of free online games for learning English. They will help you not only to have a good time, but also to expand your vocabulary, improve spelling and grammar knowledge.

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1. Funbrain

Word Confusion is one of the most interesting and useful entertainment on the site. You are given a sentence in which one word is missing and two possible answers. You need to choose the appropriate word. This unique game will teach you to use words that are often confused in English, for example: there and their, accept and except, advise and advice. Be sure to play it!

Playing The Plural Girls will help you remember once and for all how to write English nouns in the plural. You can play 2 in different forms: choose the correct word from two options or write your own word in the plural. In addition, there are two levels of difficulty: the first is suitable for Elementary-Intermediate, the second - for Upper-Intermediate and higher.

The game Stay Afloat is an English gallows, only more humane: no one hangs anyone, they only sink your boat. Choose the topic of interest and try to guess the words. You can play, starting with the level of Pre-Intermediate.

Grammar Gorillas will help you deal with parts of speech. In the game you are given an offer and are offered to choose a certain part of speech. Fulfilled the task correctly - your gloomy gorilla will make happy with a banana, it is wrong - the monkey will remain hungry. The game has two levels of difficulty: for beginners and for advanced players.

Rooting Out Words is an entertaining game that will tell you about word building. You will be offered several words with the same root and will be asked the question what this root means. The game offers several answers. After discussing the meaning of words, you can give the right answer and earn points. Thus, having met an unfamiliar word with a root familiar to you while reading, you will be able to guess its meaning without a dictionary.

2. Digital dialects

This site will be useful to beginners in English, people with the level of knowledge of Beginner. Each of the 10 games is a program for learning and storing words in the 10-15 memory. You can listen to their pronunciation, see what they mean (there is no translation into Russian, but you can guess by the picture). After that, you will be offered to test your knowledge during the game.

Games are extremely simple, but with their help you can easily remember more than a hundred of the most widely used English words.

3. WeekEnglish

This is a Russian-language site with games for learning English. The advantage of this resource is that people with any level of knowledge of the English language can study here. All games are divided into 5 levels of difficulty: from beginners and children to Advanced. With the help of games on this site you can expand your vocabulary, solve a crossword puzzle in English, learn the rules for using prepositions, consolidate the spelling skill and just have fun.

4. English Media Lab

On this site you will find the best selection of online games for those who are bored with cramming grammar in a textbook. Of course, it is impossible to learn from games alone, but they will help to consolidate the material studied, to distract and have fun with the benefits.

You can start playing such games from the Elementary level: select the grammar section you are interested in and go for it. Some games are presented in the form of the same gallows, others will like football and basketball fans: with the correct answer, you have the opportunity to score a goal to the opponent.

Here you will also find vocabulary games, a variety of crossword puzzles, grammar, pronunciation and listening exercises. Also pay attention to the English video and tests for different levels of knowledge.

5. Knoword

This game is quite difficult and will suit students with a level not lower than Intermediate. But it is very useful: with its help, you can learn new words, practice writing concepts you already know, and also ... improve your knowledge of geography. At the entrance you will be offered to choose from three themes (classic dictionary, capitals of the American states, world capitals) and three levels of difficulty. After this, proceed to the game.

In this game you need to guess the word by its definition. You will be given a description of the concept in English, as well as will open its first letter. It is necessary to write the word correctly, after which you will be given the following task. At the same time, you are limited in time: at first you are given only one and a half minutes, but you can add yourself time and points by guessing the concepts correctly. For mistakes, points are removed.

6. English-grammar

This is a Russian-language site that presents simple flash games for learning English. You do not need to register, and the ease of navigation and the tasks themselves allow people here to work with the level of Beginner-Elementary.

The resource has a description in Russian for each game, so we recommend choosing a topic that is difficult for you or which you are currently learning, and work it out using simple but quite interesting games.

7. The Problem Site

This site is somewhat similar to the previous resource, but offers more complex tasks, focused solely on increasing vocabulary. We recommend to have fun here for people with a level not lower than Pre-Intermediate-Intermediate.

All games on this site are similar to each other. As a rule, you are given the task to guess a word and some kind of hint: a definition, a synonym, or an area to which the concept belongs. You need to guess the word and spell it, and you can make a limited number of mistakes. Try to expand your vocabulary and practice thinking!

8. English-online

On the page you will find a list of quite interesting online games for learning English. They are all quite simple and useful at the same time. On this site, you can engage people with a level of Pre-Intermediate and higher. Most of the games are aimed at learning and repeating the vocabulary of the English language, however, right there you will find fascinating tasks for arranging articles, defining parts of speech, etc.

9. Cambridge English

Games for learning English from the Cambridge English organization, in the opinion of their developers, are focused on children, but we recommend that you pull up your knowledge here if you start learning English and are tired of the exercises from the textbook. It is advisable to engage here at the level of Beginner-Elementary.

Despite the fact that there are not very many games here, we recommend this site as a good training ground for those who want to remember the basic vocabulary better with simple and fun games.

10. LearnEnglish - British Council

The site of the famous British Council, too, will delight lovers of exploring with entertainment. You can try to do it at the Elementary level, however some games will be interesting both at Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate.

Here you will find vocabulary games, spelling checker, and all sorts of word puzzles. Simple entertainment will help you improve your knowledge of English.

We have offered you a list of great 10 sites with games for learning English. Play them at least 10-15 minutes a day, and let the independent lessons in English become for you a daily enjoyable pastime.

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