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10 best platforms with free educational courses in English

Knowledge of English opens up new opportunities not only in everyday communication, but also in professional development. We offer you 10 training sites where you can get absolutely free professional knowledge in English.

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  1. Edx

Number of courses: more 700 in English.

Certificate: A verified certificate is provided for a fee, on some courses a free certificate in electronic form is issued to a non-nominal one.

Register: required

application: there is for Androidи iOS.

Course Topics: architecture, art and culture, biology, business and management, economics and finance, data analysis and statistics, chemistry, computer science, design, education and training of teachers, electronics, environment, food and nutrition, health and safety, history, study languages, jurisprudence, literature, mathematics, medicine, music, philosophy and ethics, physics, etc.

Edx is a non-profit organization, a project of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University and the University of Berkeley.

The platform was founded in 2012 and currently has over 7 million students. By mid-2015, the site had more than 60 partners, including Stanford University, Microsoft, Arizona State University, etc. Most professional courses are paid, and the requirements for students are high: the certificate is issued only to those who successfully completed their homework on time. tasks. It is because of this that Edx is considered the best platform for gaining in-depth professional knowledge.

2. Coursera

Number of courses: more 1400 in English.

Certificate: only verified certificate is provided for a fee.

Register: required

application: there is for Androidи iOS.

Course Topics: business, social sciences, physics, computer science, personal development, data sciences, biomedical sciences, mathematics and logic, language learning, humanities and the arts.

Coursera is the largest learning resource with 143 partners from 28 countries and more than 15 millions of students. The project collaborates with Princeton, Stanford, Michigan universities.

In 2013, the Coursera began to work in conjunction with the US State Department, the purpose of this work was to open training centers around the world. Despite the fact that Coursera is a commercial organization, and many courses today have become paid, you have the opportunity to get a prestigious certificate for free thanks to the Financial Aid program. Fill out an application for financial assistance and, if approved, get knowledge for free.

3. Futurelearn

Number of courses: more 500 in English.

Certificate: only verified certificate is provided for a fee.

Register: required

application: not.

Course Topics: business and management, art, nature and environment, languages ​​and cultures, history, health and psychology, jurisprudence, literature, technology, politics and the modern world structure, education and learning technologies, mathematics, sports, etc.

Futurelearn is a British project that collaborates with more than 50 partners from the UK, among them the famous British Council, Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool universities, the National School of Cinema and Television, the British Museum, etc.

Futurelearn is part of the project The Open University (University of Open Education in the UK), which for more than 40 has been involved in the development of distance and online education.

4. Udemy

Number of courses: More 40 000 in different languages.

Certificate: A free certificate in electronic form is issued at the end of any course, a verified certificate is provided for a fee.

Register: required

application: there is for Androidи iOS.

Course Topics: web development, IT and software, business, marketing, education, photography, health and fitness, language learning, personal development, music, design, teacher training, test preparation, etc.

Udemy is one of the easiest and most user-friendly educational projects. Today they have more than 10 million students and 20 000 teachers. The peculiarity of this site is that you can create your own course on the platform and make money on it.

Despite the fact that Udemy has a wide range of courses on a variety of topics, the most well-developed and popular programs are related to IT-sphere, economics and business. Another feature of Udemy is that free courses usually do not require homework and consist of short, capacious videos, that is, you spend a minimum of time getting the necessary knowledge and determine the pace of learning.

5. Khanacademy

Number of courses: more xnumx in english.

Certificate availability: not issued.

Date: required.

Appendix: eat for Android и iOS.

Course Topics: mathematics, economics and finance, computer science, art, cosmology and astronomy, health and medicine, history, music, etc.

A non-profit organization that develops mainly through donations from Google and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. "Chip" of this site - materials in mathematics. The fact is that the founder of the academy, Salman Khan, at first did not intend to create a teaching platform, but wanted to help his cousins ​​with homework in mathematics. He was so pleased with explaining the material that Salman began making instructional videos and posting them on YouTube. As a result, these videos were watched by millions of people around the world, and Bill Gates, who donated a large amount of money to create and develop an educational platform, became interested in them.

Today the site offers lectures on different topics, and the main advantage of the resource is the easy presentation of any topic, with some materials being presented in a game form.

6. Openlearning

Number of courses: more 1300 in English.

Certificate availability: depends on the course, you need to clarify.

Register: required

application: there is for Androidи iOS.

Course Topics: art and design, education, business and economics, computer science and technology, health and medicine, law, lifestyle, self-development, sports and fitness, language learning, mathematics, etc.

This is an Australian distance learning project, which was founded by experts from the University of New South Wales.

The main difference of this site is that it positions itself not only as a learning platform, but also as a social network for those who want to gain knowledge. The materials consist of detailed video lectures, as well as questions for discussion, to which you will need to give a written answer in English. You will be able to participate in discussions with native speakers, share knowledge and practice writing messages in English.

7. Alison

Number of courses: more 700 in English.

Certificate: free in electronic form or paid in print.

Register: required

application: not.

Course Topics: banking, business, management, tourism, biology, anatomy, chemistry, music, mathematics, language learning, sociology, psychology, photography, yoga, jurisprudence, physics, web development, etc.

Irish educational resource Alison collaborates with such giants as Google, Microsoft, Macmillan, etc.

The main difference of the project is that it provides completely free training. Today, the site has more than 6 million students. At the same time, students have high requirements: in order to receive a certificate, you must correctly answer at least 80% of questions in test modules.

8. Stanford Online

Number of courses: more 30 in English.

Certificate: not issued.

Register: required

application: not.

Course Topics: economics, statistics, social sciences, engineering, medicine, education, language learning, etc.

Distance learning from one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world - Stanford University.

Video lessons, short video articles, tests for understanding the information studied, as well as questions for discussion are presented in the lessons. The lack of certificates is more than offset by well-developed courses from lecturers at Stanford University.

9. Canvas

Number of courses: more 70 in English.

Certificate: depends on the course, you need to clarify.

Registrationme: required.

application: there is for Androidи iOS.

Course Topics: medicine, economics, sports and health, mathematics, computer science, etc.

Canvas Network, a popular educational resource abroad, has more than 4,5 million students.

Most courses are free, but there are commercial projects. Almost every course has homework that you definitely need to do, that is, you can’t just listen to the course without doing anything.

10. Yale

Number of courses: more 40 in English.

Certificate: not issued.

Register: not required.

application: not.

Course Topics: language learning, literature, economics, history, psychology, sociology, philosophy, physics, etc.

Courses from teachers of the famous Yale University.

You can attend lectures of famous professors without leaving home.

Any material you are interested in can be downloaded free of charge in the form of video, audio recording or text. Verification tests and homework is not here, so this is a great resource for people who want to expand their horizons and do not aim to get a certificate.

Now you have 10 "home" educational institutions that will help improve skills in the professional field, learn English and replenish mental baggage. Knowledge is the most reliable type of investment, so invest your free time wisely and profitably for your English.

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