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10 best and worst U.S. cities for those who care about their health

Residence matters when it comes to health. Living in some cities in the United States contributes to well-being through access to quality food and relaxation. In others, authorities seek to make healthcare costs affordable for everyone or maintain clean and tidy parks, writes WalletHub.

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When a city does not care about these issues, it may be difficult for its residents to maintain good health. In the end, the cost of medical care in the US is increasing, and life expectancy is decreasing. In addition, there are so many sources of medical advice on the Internet that it can be difficult to understand what helps maintain health and what can be harmful.

To determine which cities prioritize the well-being of residents, WalletHub compared more than 170 of the most populous cities in the United States across 43 key indicators of good health. The dataset ranges from the cost of visiting a doctor, from fruit and vegetable consumption to fitness clubs per capita.

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10 healthiest cities to live in the USA:

  • San Francisco, California (General Health Index 73,99)
  • Seattle, Washington (70,62)
  • San Diego California (70,01)
  • Portland, Oregon (65,66)
  • Washington DC (63,87)
  • New York, New York (62,89)
  • Denver, Colorado (62,10)
  • Irvine, California (62,08)
  • Scottsdale, Arizona (61,14)
  • Chicago, Illinois (60,81)

10 cities with average performance:

  • Los Angeles, California (60,48)
  • Boston, Massachusetts (58,83)
  • Philadelphia, PA (53,85)
  • Miami Florida (53,59)
  • Las Vegas, Nevada (50,60)
  • Houston Texas (46,76)
  • Jersey City, New Jersey (43,54)
  • New Orleans, Louisiana (42,24)
  • Cleveland Ohio (39,62)
  • Newark, New Jersey (35,02)

10 most “unhealthy” places in America:

  • Detroit, MI (32,01)
  • Fort Smith, Arkansas (31,90)
  • Augusta, Georgia (31,37)
  • Huntington, West Virginia (30,17)
  • Montgomery, Alabama (29,78)
  • Memphis, Tennessee (29,64)
  • Shreveport, Louisiana (27,42)
  • Gulfport, Mississippi (24,82)
  • Laredo, Texas (24,06)
  • Brownsville, Texas (21,41)

Complete list of cities - here.

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