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10-year-old boy from Ohio raised $ 315 thousand for body armor for police dogs

When 10-year-old Brady Snakowski learned that police dogs were not given body armor, he realized that he had to do something about it and decided to raise money to help. CNN.

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He watched the show with his family almost two years ago and noticed that the dog K-9 (the canine division of the American police) was not as protected as his curator.

"We were watching the show together and I didn't even notice that the dog wasn't wearing a vest," Leah Tornabene, Brady's mom, told CNN. “I was quite surprised that an eight-year-old child was able to recognize the problem and find a solution.” I'm very proud of what he did."

This observation prompted the founding of Brady's K9 Fund, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising money to supply bulletproof vests for police and military dogs. The boy created a GoFundMe page that allowed him to buy his first four vests.

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To date, Brady has outfitted over 257 dogs with vests and raised over $ 315. He has supplied dog vests to 000 states and Canada, as well as military dogs in Afghanistan.

Tornabene said most people don't understand that police forces that have K9 units have to rely on donations for help, so every dollar counts. Curators contact Brady in person or through his website.

A 10-year-old boy prefers several dogs, but he likes one of them the most.

“Benny K-9 (my favorite), his handler was so grateful he started crying,” Brady said, adding that he and his handler are now good friends.

Brady recently ventured into a new local project. He set up a dog park in Brunswick, Ohio, near his hometown, that closes one day a week to give police dogs a place to train with their handlers.

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Brady learned that police dogs often need a training space and receive the necessary monthly training, so he decided to provide them with one.

With the help of local residents, the park was rebuilt, and equipment for training and training dogs was added there.

Brady said he hopes to help as many police dogs as possible.

“I like to see the smile on the curator’s face,” he says.

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