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10 inventions that took the lives of their creators

Today, like a hundred years ago, people do not stop inventing something new. But in the past there were no computers and telephones yet, and people themselves were looking for new ways to develop technology. Sometimes it all ended up stupid and tragic. Talks about it

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Fred Dusenberg and his thirst for speed

In the early 1900s, there were only three automobile companies with mass production: Ford, Chrysler and GM. Cars were made with the expectation that any American would be able to purchase a vehicle. But Fred Dusenberg decided to go further. Together with his brother Augustus, he designed a motor for the aircraft, but decided to use it for a more advanced car. The original Model J was completed in 1928 and sold at prices ranging from $ 8500 to $ 18 depending on the design. In comparison, a Ford car cost about $ 500. Fred sought to create the fastest car, so he constantly improved the engine. In 850, he rode on his own invention and crashed at high speed.

Alexander Bogdanov, trying to become immortal, died

Alexander Bogdanov from the former USSR died in 1928 under unusual circumstances. He was a talented doctor, but he was also occupied with other areas. Bogdanov even wrote several science fiction books. In one of them, the action takes place on Mars, where people exist in a utopian society. On this planet, people had the secret of eternal life, and the doctor-writer decided to try to implement the plan of immortal life that he had invented. Bogdanov began to practice blood transfusion. He believed that the blood of young men and women would make him immortal, but he did not check the donors for diseases. The last transfusion gave him not immortality, but malaria.

Francis Edgar Stanley and Stanley Motor

Francis Edgar Stanley had a twin brother Frelan Oscar Stanley, both of them were born in Maine (USA) in 1849. Before the car became the main means of transportation, people used horse-drawn carts and bicycles. When Francis got married, he began to worry how his wife, who does not know how to ride a bicycle, will move around. At one of the fairs, the Stanley brothers learned about the steam engine and founded their car company. In 1902, it became known as the Stanley Motor Carriage Company, and later Stanley Steamers. Once the brothers decided to check out new car models in the mountains and compete. As a result, Francis had an accident when he climbed a mountain by car.

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Jean-Francois Pilatre de Rosier - Second Icarus

Jean-Francois Pilatre de Rosier was a professor from Paris who loved everything unusual. He created a mask that protects workers in places with polluted air. When de Rosier was 31 years old, he learned that the two Montgolfier brothers had come up with a large balloon that could fly around the country. At first, they were afraid to send people into the air, so in the second flight they sent animals: a sheep, a rooster and a duck. After two successful attempts, the brothers decided to send people in a balloon. Jean-Francois volunteered and brought with him an artist named Romen. Jean-Francois was not satisfied with the design, so for the flight he redid it. The new model was also a balloon, but flew on helium. On June 15, 1785, Jean-Francois and a friend flew in a new aircraft, but he crashed. Jean-Francois died, Romaine survived.

William Bullock stuck in his invention

In the pre-computer era, books were printed on special machines. It was a very complex process: first, special blocks with letters and numbers were installed, then they were interrupted with a hammer in a certain order so that they were correctly displayed on paper. The process was improved by replacing the materials from which the blocks were made (instead of wood, metal). In 1844, Richard Ho invented the rotary press, which included cylinders instead of flat presses. This has made the printing process faster, especially for newspapers. William Bullock was not completely satisfied with Ho's invention, so he created his own kind of press. In order not to insert paper into it each time, he adapted a huge roll of paper in it. This press also allowed printing on both sides of the sheet. On April 12, 1867, when Bullock inspected the press structure, his leg was stuck in the mechanism. Bullock was helped to get out, but due to damage to the leg gangrene developed. The inventor died on the operating table.

Otto Lilienthal just wanted to be able to fly

The brothers Otto and Gustav Lilienthal so wanted to fly that they came up with a mechanism that looked like wings from horror films. They made their first flight long before the Wright brothers. Otto and Gustav designed a glider with massive wings. By 1891, Otto had completed about two thousand test flights, and his brother and his invention were gaining popularity in the United States. On August 9, 1896, the hang glider crashed - Otto, who controlled it, died.

Thomas Midgley Jr. Proves Karma Works

In 1921, Thomas Midgley was a highly educated physicist who had already counted several discoveries. But today this physicist is known as the worst inventor in history due to two of his discoveries. The first is freon, a chemical known as a chlorofluorocarbon propellant for aerosol packaging. Although the harmful effects of Freon are not reported anywhere, a person will have big problems if the substance gets into his body. Freon is not noticeable, so you won’t even realize that gas has entered the body until it is too late. In addition, freon destroys the ozone layer. Midgley’s second invention is also quite dangerous. In 1923, he was vice president of General Motors and was looking for a way to get rid of knocking while driving cars. People used ethanol, but it was quite expensive. Midgley learned that tetraethyl lead can replace ethanol in production. However, even in 1923, people realized that lead would not do well, so Midgley called his invention “ethyl” in order to confuse consumers. In 1940, Thomas Midgley fell ill with polio, probably due to the chemical poisoning he suffered every day. Thomas was upset to be bedridden. As a result, he came up with a rope system that helped him move around. Once Midgley lost control and strangled himself.

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Karel Soucek overcame a waterfall in a barrel, but died in a tower

Karel Soucek walked through the Niagara Falls in a barrel. It was crazy in 1984. He himself designed the device and thus decided to perpetuate his name in history. But crossing through Niagara was not enough for Soucek. He decided to use the same design to drop from a high tower in Houston. Soucek was thrown from a height of 55 meters in a barrel designed by him - in it he had to land in the pool below. But the barrel was moving too fast, and Soucek landed on the edge of the pool. Karel passed away instantly.

Li Xi died from the sword

Even in the distant past, politicians intrigued and tortured people. Li Xi was Prime Minister during the Qin Dynasty in 246 BC. e. and worked on laws. He created equal conditions in various spheres of life - for example, all chariots and carts on the road were equal. He also cut taxes, which made him popular among the people. Li Xi published a paper on the Five Methods of Pain, which described torture applied to criminals. The methods, by the way, were terrible: for example, the poor fellow could cut off his nose or legs, or decapitate him with a sword. Once an unpleasant story occurred, as a result of which Li Xi brought a man to suicide. The Prime Minister was tried and beheaded with a sword in accordance with his document.

Max Valle, the first rocket

Max Valle loved rockets and explosions, he did not even think about his own safety. Fire safety rules had not yet been developed in the 1920s, so all missile demonstrations were at random. Max was committed to building small jet engines in trains, aerodynamic sleds and race cars. But soon he was tired of such a petty affair and began to deal with more missiles. The inventor mixed fuel with oxygen, and since he did not know in what proportions it was necessary to take them, a very risky mixture was obtained. Max conducted tests for five months, tried different combinations. In May 1930, he and a friend experimented with kerosene, water, and liquid oxygen, and an explosion occurred. The part of the rocket that we tested hit Max in the chest, he died on the spot.

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