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10 cities in the USA where you can rent a home for $ 600 per month or less

In a world where rents and mortgage prices are constantly increasing, a handful of cities have managed to contain housing costs. Writes about this Money Talks News.

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Below are the cities with the lowest cost of rental housing.

10. Youngstown Ohio

  • Zip code: 44512
  • Average cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment: $ 600 per month

A victim of the fall of the American steel industry in the 1970s, Youngstown turned the page and redefined himself by creating new government and entertainment venues and revitalizing old buildings.

Interesting fact: in 2018, the DoubleTree by Hilton hotel with 125 rooms opened in the historic Stambo building on East Feder Street.

9. Derby, Kansas

  • Zip code: 67037
  • Average cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment: $ 599 per month

An interesting fact: in 2018, the Dinosaurs Field Station opened in Derby, Kansas. It presents more than 40 life-size moving dinosaurs. You can also play golf and visit the paleontologists' laboratory.

8. Amarillo, Texas

  • Zip code: 79106
  • Average cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment: $ 597,50 per month

An interesting fact: the vast majority of the world's helium reserves are located within a radius of 250 miles (400 km) from Amarillo. But this city is called one of the most dangerous places to live in Texas with a high crime rate.

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7. Conway, Arkansas

  • Zip code: 72034
  • Average cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment: $ 555 per month

An interesting fact: this suburb of Little Rock is known for something especially “suburban” - instead of going to work outside the county, most of the district’s residents work closer to home. Conway is also known for his young educated workforce. Among residents, almost 94% have higher education, and 38,7% have a bachelor's degree.

6. Shreveport, Louisiana

  • Zip code: 71129
  • Average cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment: $ 547 per month

An interesting fact: cheap rent does not necessarily make Shreveport a good place to start a career. A 2019 WalletHub analysis rated it as the least liveable city of recent college graduates.

5. Champaign, Illinois

  • Zip code: 61821
  • Average cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment: $ 532,50 per month

Fun Fact: Champaign, along with the twin city of Urban, is home to the University of Illinois. In 2013, NerdWallet awarded Champaign an award for fixing one of the best employment balance indicators in the country.

4. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

  • Zip code: 73114
  • Average cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment: $ 530 per month

Interesting fact: Oklahoma City's prominent place on this list should not be surprising. In the same analysis of the cost of rent in 2019, this city was in first place.

3. Greenville, Texas

  • Zip code: 75401
  • Average cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment: $ 510 per month

Interesting fact: low rents are only part of the advantages in Greenville. Sperling's Best Places rating indicates that the total cost of living in Greenville is 15,3% lower than the US average.

2. Rogers, Arkansas

  • Zip code: 72756
  • Average cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment: $ 510 per month

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Interesting fact: Rogers is located in one of the fastest growing regions of the country. The metropolitan area of ​​Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers is currently the 102nd largest such area of ​​394 in the United States.

1. Columbus Ohio

  • Zip code: 43227
  • Average cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment: $ 489 per month

Interesting fact: Ohio has it all - the lifestyle of a big city at the price of a small town. Columbus even has a professional sports privilege: the National Hockey League's Columbus Blue Jackets. Although Cincinnati and Cleveland may be better known, it's hard to beat Columbus if you want to live in the city at an affordable price.

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