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10 US cities where you can comfortably live on $ 40 thousand per year

The American dream is not about living beyond your means in big cities with high housing prices and cocktails for 15 dollars. It should not be a choice between opportunities and survival, between a developed culture and corn fields. In the US, you can always find cities with a developed culture and opportunities for development, but with affordable prices for the most necessary things for life.

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Edition Travel and Leisure collected a list of 10 US cities where you can live comfortably for less than 40 000 dollars a year. Several factors were used to compile the rating, including the average price of housing, proximity to major cities, as well as more subjective characteristics, such as the general atmosphere.

10. San Marcos, TX

  • Average housing price: $ 197 500
  • Atmosphere: Hill County’s discreet charm
  • Free entertainment: concerts take place in the city park every Thursday in the summer
  • The best way to spend 10 dollars: Enchiladas at Herbert's Taco Hut
  • Nearby major cities: Austin, 31 mile; San Antonio, 40 miles

9. Alton, Illinois

  • Average housing price: $ 80 900
  • Atmosphere: a small town with a great history
  • Free entertainment: audio tours connecting 10 city attractions
  • The best way to spend 10 dollars: get $ 3,99 beer and chicken on a stick at the legendary Fast Eddie's Bon Air, where live music plays every night
  • Nearby major cities: St. Louis, 26 miles

8. Canandaigua, New York

  • Average housing price: $ 191 600
  • Atmosphere: plenty of entertainment, regardless of the season
  • Free entertainment: exhibitions at the Ontario County Historical Museum
  • The best way to spend 10 dollars: try the award winning local wines at the New York Kitchen.
  • Nearby major cities: Rochester, 25 miles

7. Duluth, GA

  • Average housing price: $ 209 600
  • Atmosphere: a variety of homes and species
  • Free entertainment: visit the galleries at the Center for Art and Learning. Jacqueline Casey Hudgens. The center also offers classes, including traditional Korean pottery, calligraphy and soap making, at affordable prices.
  • The best way to spend 10 dollars: go to Crave Pie Studio for a portion of seasonal dessert
  • Nearby major cities: Atlanta, 30 miles

6. McMinville, Oregon

  • Average housing price: $ 290 200
  • Atmosphere: charming farm town
  • Free activities: a picnic on the lawn at Linfield College and summer concerts.
  • The best way to spend 10 dollars: take a beer and popcorn in Bitter Monk.
  • Nearby major cities: Portland, 40 miles

5. Munhol, PA

  • Average housing price: $ 81 300
  • Atmosphere: the traditional charm of the American city 1950's
  • Free entertainment: take a ride on the Great Allegheny Passage, the 150-mile route connecting Pittsburgh with Washington, DC
  • The best way to spend 10 dollars: just buy pizza at Di Sallis' Pizza Parlor
  • Nearby major cities: Pittsburgh, 7 miles

4. Gulfport, FL

  • Average housing price: $ 191 300
  • Atmosphere: Key West charm, but at wholesale price
  • Free entertainment: Gulfport GetGO volunteer organization offers free guided tours
  • The best way to spend 10 dollars: have breakfast at Stella's
  • The nearby major cities are Tampa and St. Petersbourg, both are at a distance of 25 miles.

3. Guthrie, Oklahoma

  • Average housing price: $ 129 700
  • Atmosphere: the city looks like a postcard with a picture of the Wild West
  • Free entertainment: regular shows on South Second Street.
  • The best way to spend 10 dollars: buy a latte at Hoboken Coffee Roasters, which is famous for its architecture and atmosphere
  • Major cities located nearby: Oklahoma City, 33 miles

2. Coralville, Iowa

  • Average housing price: $ 177 300
  • Atmosphere: a city where the modern world meets the charm of the past
  • Free Activities: Cycling along the Iowa River
  • The best way to spend 10 dollars: buy the legendary cupcake at Scratch Bakery
  • Major cities located nearby: Iowa City, 3 miles

1. Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

  • Average housing price: $ 247 700
  • Atmosphere: the city resembles a large open playground
  • Free entertainment: take a stroll along the world's longest floating promenade
  • The best way to spend 10 dollars: Ride on the recently renovated 1940's carousel
  • Nearby major cities: Spokane, WA, 33 miles.

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