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10 US cities with highest food prices

When it comes to keeping your monthly budget at an acceptable level, food costs are critical - but as it turns out, even this generally accepted category of spending depends on where you live.

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According to the USDA, the average American spends 9,9% of his personal income on food - 5,2% on groceries and 4,7% on dining and eating out. Business Insider.

The cost of products varies in different states of the USA and increases significantly in coastal cities, according to a new report.

The report looks at the Council for Social and Economic Research's Cost of Living Index data and compares the costs of standard-listed foods - milk, eggs, coffee and sugar.

The study also rated 257 cities, counties and districts in a report based on product availability.

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Here are the top 10 cities and regions of the United States, where products will cost you more:

10. Mount Vernon-Skagit County, Washington - 21,5% higher than the national average

9. Seattle, Washington - 28,6% above average

Seattle, WA. Photo: Depositphotos

8. Queens, New York - 28,6% above average

7. Brooklyn, New York - 32,3% above average

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Brooklyn, New York. Photo: Depositphotos

6. Anchorage, Alaska - 34,5% above average

5. San Francisco, California - 35,6% above average

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4. Oakland, California - 39,4% above average

3. Manhattan, New York - 39,7% above average

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2. Juneau, Alaska - 50% above average

1. Honolulu, Hawaii - 69,3% above average

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