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10 financial mistakes we make every day

We all do this regularly or from time to time - and you, most likely, also. We lose money, planning wrong shopping, agree to a low salary, or simply lie on the couch in free time instead of earning.

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1. Do not fix on what money goes

Money loves to be counted, and this is not just a common phrase, but a guide to action, reminds Life hacker. As long as you do not keep track of your expenses, you do not know where the funds are leaking, and you cannot competently reduce spending, even if it is necessary.

There are many convenient applications that allow you to quickly and easily record all expenses. When this becomes a habit, you will cease to attach importance to it, but every month you can see what you spent the money on. In the future, this will eliminate unnecessary expenses.

2. Do not save at least 2-3 dollars per day

Saving every day at 2-3 dollars, at the end of the month you can buy yourself the headphones you have long dreamed about, or make a gift to a loved one.

Do not be afraid that after you decide to put off such a small amount every day, your quality of life will deteriorate sharply. In practice, you will not feel the difference, still buying yourself everything you need and not really. But at the end of the month or year you can afford a little more than usual.

3. You are not looking for discount products.

Using discounts is not only pleasant (you deceived the system and bought goods at times cheaper than they tried to sell it to you), but it is also really profitable. There is nothing wrong with buying products at reduced prices, going to the cinema for half the price and using special offers from restaurants, cafes and delivery services.

You will not look poorer in the eyes of others - most likely, they will appreciate your pragmatic approach.

A good habit will be to update your wardrobe out of season: in the summer, winter boots are usually cheaper, and in a few months they will certainly come in handy.

4. Do not make shopping lists

Going to the store hungry and without a list of products has long been considered a move. You collect as much food as you can not eat, and as a result will waste money.

If you constantly forget lists with lists, keep records in the mobile application. So the list of goods will always be at hand, and the temptation to buy too much will be diminished.

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5. Leave money too fast

Today, a transaction takes a matter of seconds, which, in addition to the unconditional advantages, has its drawbacks. We bring the card to the terminal without hesitation - and the money flees from the account. At the same time, we no longer delimit the purchase of really necessary things and all that without which we will live quietly.

Do not make serious acquisitions impulsively. Follow the rule of 24 hours: if after a day you will still be ready to buy a thing or pay for a service, pay. But often you can easily give up yesterday's idea.

6. Do not use a bank card with cashback

It turns out that you can be in the black without reducing your costs, but even vice versa. Today, almost all banks offer cashback debit cards. It remains only to compare their strengths and weaknesses and make the right one.

You can usually choose the categories for which the cashback will be increased. So, if you drive a car, it will be convenient to return to the account a larger percentage of the amount spent on gasoline.

7. Being led on advertising

Advertising on the Internet and on TV somehow affects our consumer preferences. We want to buy exactly the toothpaste, which enjoyed a charming blonde from the roller. And it does not matter that this product differs from analogs only in price.

Approach consumption more consciously, choosing things based on quality, not promotion. This will not overpay for the brand.


8. Continue to do what brings little money

Work for work is a heroic approach, but hardly practical. Any work should be paid and preferably so that you can admit to yourself: "Yes, I really am worth so much."

By continuing to work in low-paying jobs that no longer allow you to live life to the fullest, you are depriving yourself of everyday joys. Collect the will into a fist and find for yourself a new place where you will be appreciated as a specialist, and gratitude for the work that comes to the card will suit you.

9. Do not use your free time to earn more

Your time and energy are valuable resources that allow you to get more. If you do not waste them, of course.

Even working on 8 hours a day, you can find opportunities for additional income.

For example, get a taxi service and bring people on the way from work, walk with a neighbor's dog or monetize your hobby.

10. Do not pay proper attention to your main asset - health

If your work has become a prolonged stress, the work process itself has not been satisfying for a long time, and the desire to spend what you have earned after all does not remain, this is a cause for concern.

There will be no health and good mood - there will not be the rest. Do not be lazy to go to the gym, watch your sleep, take vitamins on time - do everything you need to stay in good shape.

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