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The future of schools in New York depends on you: why you need to run for education council

Long-term changes in our school communities are possible only with the active involvement of students, their parents and other family members. Therefore, I want to inform you that the reception of applications from candidates for education in the city of New York is open.

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Work in district and city councils on education is an opportunity to discuss at a higher level the pressing problems and concerns of school communities.

Parents and other family members of students can run for the following tips:

  • district council on education (Community Education Councils) in the district where the school of the child is located;
  • Citywide Council on High Schools;
  • Citywide Council on Special Education;
  • Citywide Council for Education of English Language Learners (Citywide Council on English Language Learners);
  • Citywide Council for District 75.

Education boards organize open meetings of the local public and hold consultations on key policy issues with me, district inspectors and other heads of the Department of Education. District councils also conduct capital planning hearings and approve the boundaries of school zoning.

Our education boards achieve results. Last year, the leaders of the parent community demanded the installation of air conditioners and the introduction of modern technology in schools. They also spoke in favor of a school system that is optimized and responsive to parents' questions. And here is the result: the initiative Air Conditioning for All embodied at an accelerated pace; we invest in school technology; newly created executive inspectors are designed to facilitate direct contact of parents with the Department.

Richard Carranza, Director of Education, New York
Photo: Press Service of the New York Department of Education

Any parent can apply to the board. It does not matter what language you speak and when you arrived in this country; I want your name on the list of candidates in the ballot paper.

Voting is as important as running. If you are on the board of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), voting is your responsibility. Choosing a new board of education, you are helping to choose the direction of schools. Take the opportunity to meet with candidates in the forums in the coming months and be sure to vote.

С from the very first day as director of the Department of Education, I clearly stated my position: in order to strengthen our school communities, we need not only work with families, but significantly expand their powers. We create a system where parents can bring real benefit, pointing to our achievements and shortcomings. And education tips are part of this system.

I strongly recommend that you visit the site, where you can find с details and register as a candidate. Applications are accepted с Today (February 15) on March 6. If you are a member of the PTA Board, visit the March and April candidate forums and, of course, vote in May.

The future of schools depends on you! Together, we will strengthen our community and pave the way for children's success in school and beyond.

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